Why My Search Engine Optimization Efforts Failed

Why My Search Engine Optimization Efforts Failed

Knowing how to optimize your site so that it ranks highly in search engines is a great and useful secret though not known to many. Some people have heard of possibilities to increasing the ranking of their sites through SEO. They dashed to get SEO but failed because they didn’t know how to go about it. There are rules and regulations. Yes, there are guidelines that should be followed by anyone who wants to excel in building their site in a holistic way. Some people end their research after knowing about keywords and probably that is what you did. Little did they know that there is what we call keyword placement and keyword stuffing. Well, that is just something to get you started but as you dig deeper, you will come across other important aspects such as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and the use of tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 keywords to get your site fully optimized. You either learn these rules or you get an expert to help you.

I will explain common issues that are very basic and yet very important in your SEO efforts. First, it is about the placement of your keywords. It is highly advisable to place your main keyword, which you can also refer to it as tier 1 keyword at the main heading of your article. Secondly, make sure that the tier 1 keyword appears on the first sentence and most probably on the last sentence. If you have to use it in within the article, make sure it is evenly distributed. Well, you could use the exact keyword or derivatives of it across the body of your article. However, don’t use them too close to another. Talking of keyword derivatives, that can be tier 2 or tier 3 keywords and so on, here is an example: Tier 1 keyword: beauty products, tier 2 keyword: Skin beauty products, tier 3 keyword: Skin beauty products online. These derivatives, usually linked to your main keyword are known as LSI keyowrds.

Next, is on the issue of keyword stuffing. To get your search enging optimization efforts right, don’t over-use your keywords and their derivatives. Well, keyword density is a percentage ratio of the number of times your keyword appears divided by the total number of words on your page. That is a layman’s definition that is easy to understand. Based on the volume of your writing, anything between 1% – 10% is acceptable. You would do well if you keep it mid-way at about 6%. The most important thing is for you to be aware of stuffing your keyword too much. That means exceeding the limits set for site optimization purposes.

There you have it, these are simple tips that could get you started before you venture into other deep SEO techniques. Everything has a foundation and this is the best SEO platform that you can build your efforts upon. The results will be highly rewarding when you study them and build other things on it. You just learn’t why your search engine optimization failed. I will be sharing more about SEO and helping you out in some areas that you may need assistance. Goodluck with your SEO work.

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