Why Tobacco Smoking Habit Should be Discouraged

Created: February 8, 2018

Why Tobacco Smoking Habit Should be Discouraged

Smoking tobacco is undoubtedly the worst habits human civilization has ever developed. Originating from the Native Americans’ customs, and majorly practiced during certain events, smoking has increasingly grown to a kind of mass addiction. Owing to the tobacco firms’ efforts seeking to upsurge their sales volume, many people began to smoke often. The evolution of a cigarette from the traditional pipe took years, but ultimately tobacco became reasonably cheap and easy to use. Consequently, health issues and deaths connected to consumption of tobacco became a global concern.

A general belief among people is that it is nicotine which kills; but this is only partially true in reality. Even though nicotine affects cardiovascular system, it is the hard smoke particles, the tar, toxic emissions, heavy metals and carbon monoxide that causes the most damage. Mostly, addiction is caused by nicotine, and the rest is done by the smoke.

Today, substitutions to analogue tobacco smoking are there: the most popular electronic cigarettes. Even though it is debated hotly whether electronic cigarettes are damaging to the health of a smoker or not, it is impossible to argue that replacing cigarettes with these gadgets has more positive outcomes than negative ones, as they have number of benefits that cannot be ignored easily. Although smoking still remains to be unsafe and intolerable habit, e-cigarettes might be an excellent way to break free of it.

E-cigarettes provide nicotine to a smoker not by way of burning (which definitely means inhalation of toxic and harmful smoke), but by evaporation of liquids containing nicotine. A smoker is able to receive a nicotine dose through this vapor. Thus, nicotine consumption process in this situation ought to be called “vaping,” and not “smoking.” The nicotine liquids comprise of propylene, glycerol, ethylene, propanediol, and glycol among other components (NCBI). However, if a tobacco smoker does not have plans to quit, she or he may put a consideration in the use of e-cigarettes rather than the real tobacco. One more good reason why a smoker should also consider using e-cigarettes is that the liquids may contain diverse nicotine amounts. Approximately up to 25 milligrams of nicotine containing liquids may be preferred by heavy smoker for vaping, but the good news for such smokers is that they can regularly reduce the dose to zero milligrams.

Furthermore, a purely aesthetic purpose to choose electronic cigarettes over the analogues is that when the liquids are evaporated they smell and taste better than tobacco. They are vended in various flavors: cherry, melons, blueberry, apples, tropical fruit, and mint among others. Similarly, regular tobacco tastes and smells awful for passive smokers only, but for a smokers as well. Therefore, why not stop harming yourself with poisonous smoke, and at least use the alternative e-cigarette with pleasingly smelling vapor?

Nicotine addiction is a troubling problem for addicts in any of its forms irrespective of whether it is vaping or smoking. It results to severe chronic illnesses and ultimately death. Likewise, a better alternative is there for smokers acknowledging the harm they impose to themselves and cannot just part with addiction. E-cigarettes are currently preferred to be safer as compared to traditional cigarettes. The e-cigarettes’ liquids contains less toxic elements and necessarily do not comprise of the commonly burned products that are found in cigarettes. Besides, e-cigarettes’ vapor is typically harmless to passive smokers; it smells and tastes better. This makes use of electronic cigarettes to be a less reproached habit. Lastly, several smokers might notice that e-cigarettes do not obstruct their motives to go on with smoking, but they make it possible in reducing the quantity of consumed nicotine and ultimately break the habit. For that reason, without advertising e-cigarettes, still it can be stated that they are the best alternative that is preferable to most smokers.

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