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Writing a Book: A How To Guide

Created: July 21st, 2014 (12:41)
Writing a Book: A How To Guide

Many freelance writers are excited to write a book. Yet this idea might also be intimidating due to its lenght and responsibility. Book writing is different from other types of freelance writing. Articles can be up to 1000 words, and content writing may take few days or weeks, but nothing comes close to actually writing a novel and the dedication it takes. How to do it all right and produce excellent work? Some piece of valuable advice just for you!

Decide What to Write

You can collect ideas and write them down from various sources. These could be your dreams, random thoughts, epiphanies. After spending some time for collecting ideas, choose the best ones and put them together. This would be a basis for a novel.

Bring Some Structure

Once you've decided what you want to write about, create a vigorous outline. You can actually start at the end of the book and work backwards. This kind of strategy helps in keeping the direction the characters of the book are going clear. There is no set lenght for an outline, so it can be anywhere from ten to twenty, or even thirty pages long.

Sit Down and Write

Once the outline is done complete, start writing. Set a goal to write a certain amount of words per day. You may start with a low number, like 1500 words, while gradually increasing it to reach few thousands of words per day. Writing is something that should be developed and improved with time. You do not necessarily need to set a time goal. Your work can take only two hours or up to twelve hours, depending on your inspiration and how you feel about writing on that day.

Revise When Necessary

It's okay to revise your outline from time to time as you work on your novel. Start each day with rereading what you wrote the previous one, and then start writing right from there. While revising current day’s work as you write, continues to rework your book after you've finished the first draft.

Hire a Professional Editor

After you've finished your novel, it might be useful to hire a professional editor. If you really want the jobs done professionally and thoroughly, do not hesitate to spend some money on it. It will eventually pay off, once the excellent editing becomes obvious to people reading your novels. Proper editing gives a book professional and authoritative appeal. The catchy eye of a reader will notice editing errors, which may result in disappointment negative feedback.

Get Your Mission Impossible Done

Simple and well-organized work process makes it possible to write a book, even when circumstances are not that favorable. It's up to each author how to come up with their own style of writing and organize the process, though all the methods should be easy to follow.

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