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  1. Which projects are displayed in the “Open Project” section?
    • Projects that haven't yet been assigned to a writer.

    • Projects that have been assigned to a writer and are pending payment from the customer. The writer can start fulfilling an order only after the payment has been received.

  2. Which projects are displayed in the “In Progress” section?

    Projects acquire the status “In Progress” after payment has been received. This is where the tasks currently being fulfilled by the writer are displayed.

  3. Which projects are displayed in the “Pending Approval” section?

    This section displays the finished projects that still waiting for approval from the customer. Should the work not meet the customer’s requirements, it can be returned for free revisions up to three times.

  4. Which projects are displayed in the “Completed” section?

    Projects that have been approved and accepted by the customer acquire the status “Completed”.

  5. What to do after I have created a project?

    After you have created a project it will appear in the “Open project” section.

    • You may send bids to writers who meet the requirements of the project.

    • You may send price requests to the preferred writer(s).

    • If you’ve created an open project, you may wait for bids from writers and choose among the incoming offers;

  6. How to choose the right writer?

    In order to help you to make the most informed decision, we ask every writer to take our writing test and upload samples of previous works. We use a rating system for our writers which is based on customer satisfaction reports, skill level, completeness of the account information and many other factors.

    To search for writers, you can use our advanced search and place an order directly on the writer's profile page. Also, once you have created a project, you can click on the "Find Writers" button and send bids/price requests to the writers who best match the project requirements.

  7. How to place an order with a chosen writer?

    You may send bids or price requests to the preferred writers at the project page:


    find writers


    Alternatively, you have an option of placing an order directly on the writer’s page. To do so, you can use the personal order form:


    personal order form

  8. How to find writers for my wishlist?

    You can search for writers using our advanced search, checking every writer’s profile, previous works, prices, samples, and texts for sale.

    If you would like to work with a particular writer, you can add him/her to your wishlist.


    add to wishlist

  9. How to send bids?

    After you finish creating your project, simply click on “Find writers” on your project page.


    find writers


    In the pop-up window you can choose preferred writers from your wishlist or in the search field type in keywords/name/personal number, etc.


    sending bids


    If the writer included the matching type of service, urgency and prices in his/her profile, you will be able to choose from his/her price list and send the bid(s). If among the matching writers there is a button "Send request", it means the writer provides such type of service, but didn't set the price for it.


    sending bids to writers


    Otherwise, if there are no matching writers found, you can send price requests.


    send price request

  10. What is a price request?

    A price request is a project offer that you would send to the writer with a proposal to do a particular project for a lower or recommended price.

    You may send a price request to the writer(s) whom you consider most suitable for the task, but doesn't have a matching type of writing/price/urgency in the price list, or when the price listed is too high.

    By submitting a price request, the writer automatically changes the current price or adds the offered type of writing, price and urgency to his/her price list.

  11. How does the price request work?

    If you find a suitable writer for your project who is competent in the needed area, but

    • he/she didn't include the matching type of service into his/her price list or

    • the price listed is too high for you

    You can send him/her a price request with an offer

    • to include the corresponding type of writing with a particular price into the price list or

    • to accept the price you offer

    If the writer accepts your offer, you will receive a notification about this.


    Note: In order for the writer to start fulfilling the project, you should pay for it first. Once the payment is made, the status of the project will move to the “In progress” section.

  12. When should I make a payment?

    The payment should be made once you’ve agreed with a writer(s) on the bid/price request. On the project page you will see the list of current bids, where you can choose the writer by marking the checkbox “Choose writer”.


    choose writer


    Afterwards you will see an option to make a payment.


    make payment


    As soon as you pay for the project, it will move to the “In progress” section and the writer will start working on it.

  13. How does the discount system work?

    Our writers enjoy having a great working relationship with our customers. As a reward to you, a writer who likes working with you has the option of sending you a discount code on future orders. Don’t miss the opportunity to use one if you receive it!


    discount code


    Note: You may apply the discount code on the writer’s personal order form, which can be found on every writer’s page.


    personal order form

  14. How can I pay for the order?

    We provide a convenient, flexible payment system that suits your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.


    mayment methods

  15. Can I upload additional instructions or files?

    Certainly! On the project page you will see an option to upload more project information.


    additional instructions

  16. How will I receive a completed project?

    When the writer uploads a file you will receive a notification about it. You have access to every uploaded file. Please pay attention to the type of the document. You may ask your writer to upload the current document when needed.


    draft type


    If the project has the “Final” type, you can change its status: approve it, send back for revision, or ask for a refund.


    approving the project


    If you approve the project, it will progress to the “Completed” section.

  17. How to check my project for plagiarism?

    We provide our customers with a free reliable and accurate plagiarism detector. You have the possibility of checking your work for plagiarism at absolutely no cost to you!

    Moreover, every document uploaded by writer can also be checked for plagiarism at any time.


    antiplagiarism service

  18. What is the difference between Freelance and Writology writing/editing services?

    There are several main points for you to consider when choosing between the two:

    • With a Freelance Writing/Editing Service you get a unique opportunity to choose your own writer or editor among many. After placing an order, you'll be granted access to our database of freelancers, where you will definitely find the one with a proper level of expertise and skills to meet your requirements. However, you should know that it may take quite some time till you find each other and reach a final agreement. With a Writology Service there is no such thing as a burden of looking for a specialist to fulfill your project, as your order will start being processed minutes after being placed.

    • If you opt for a Freelance Writing/Editing Service, know that Writology does not charge any additional fees or commission for giving you access to a database. Editors and writers, of course, set their own prices and you just need to decide how much you are ready to pay. Prices on Writology, on the other hand, are fixed. Our prices are not the cheapest, but fair, meaning that you'll get corresponding quality.

    • Our Writology Writing Service also includes editing and plagiarism check, so you can be sure that end result will be fully polished and ready to be used. For your convenience, however, you are welcome to use our free plagiarism checker tool, regardless of what kind of service you've chosen.

    • Writology Writing/Editing Service offers a 24/7 online support. Should you have questions concerning deadlines or just want to check on your order, we are always there to help you. With a Freelance Writing Service you always have an option to contact your writer/editor directly via messaging system.

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