Green Mountain Reservoir

The reservoir was built to replace water to the Colorado River that gets sent to the Front Range through the Big Thompson Project. It is a storage reservoir so the levels will flucuate as water is called for on the Western Slope.

Green Mountain Reservoir and Cataract Lake and Falls recreation areas are under the management of the US Forest Service.

Green Mountain Reservoir and Cataract Lake recreation opportunities - boating, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, ice fishing, hiking, camping.


Looking west from Green Mountain There really is a Green Mountain

A summer evening ,during the week, at the inlet

Cataract Lake & Falls Bridge across Cataract Creek

Built in 1943 as part of the Big Thompson Plan. Its primary purpose is to replace water that is being diverted to the front range. The spin-off effects is what attracts many visitors each year for WATER SPORTS and MOUNTAIN ACTIVITIES.

Green Mountain Reservoir is a unique area with plenty of outdoor activities. These include Hiking, Fishing, Boating, Bird watching,or just plain relaxing.

Remember "A day in the Mountains is worth a month in the city" Whether your interests are Water Skiing, 4-wheeling, Mtn Biking, Hiking or a peaceful day on the river, its all here!!! Don't forget the many hunting options.

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