How to Write a Business Resume?

Today children dream of becoming successful business managers and ultimately business owners when they grow up. They see business as a tool to achieve their longings and satisfy their childish wants. To be honest, we are not that much different from children since adults desire very similar things and business often plays a vital role in achieving those goals. If you compare the number of job seekers submitting their resumes to companies within a business sector and those trying to find a government job for example, you will be surprised to know how far business is ahead of federal employment. With that being said, job seekers search for tools to make a resume powerful enough in the eyes of business managers to make a positive hiring decision. Considering high competition in this field, such task becomes a real challenge for those who are unemployed.

What is a Business Resume and How Can I Get a Good One?

There is probably no such term as ‘business resume’ in official dictionaries. But it is common to use this term to refer to a resume designed to generate attention and interest of those making hiring decisions in business sector. The term ‘business’ can be applied to a bunch of different fields, such as retail, insurance, real estate, etc. So a wide range of companies working to provide services while generating revenue basically make up a business sector, an area of interest for many job seekers.

An effective business resume then is a ticket to the world of business. However, you can’t get this ticket as easily as you can buy one when you go to the movie center for instance. A resume targeted for business HR managers is to be flawless and focus on particular things they are interested in. If you want to make a resume and successfully land an interview with reputable companies you have to work hard to make sure your main marketing document addresses the needs of a potential employer. In other words, you have to know what the company/business needs before writing your resume or CV. It is only after you identify the need, you can build your resume (which becomes nothing else but a value proposition) around how you can meet that specific need. Developing a successful business resume isn’t about providing information how good you are in everything you did; it should rather be all about how good you are in meeting the specific need of one particular company. That in essence means you have to tailor your resume for each and every job opening you apply for.

Another thing about writing a good business resume is the right focus. The problem most hiring managers have with applicants’ resumes is that they are concentrated on routine duties and responsibilities. In other words, the resumes say what candidates did every day, not what they accomplished. But if we are talking about a successful business, we should remember that what matters the most for companies is the result, not the activities. All companies are created to generate income, this is the ultimate goal of every business. Activity is just one of the means of achieving the result. So if you want to talk on the same language with a potential employer, focus on what you accomplished rather than just what you did. This way you will make a resume that will stand out among the pile of other documents.

If it all sounds too complicated (meeting specific needs of a company, focusing on results, etc.), you can always hire an executive resume writer who will do the job for you. Today there are many professional writing companies that offer services of the best resume writers who can help job seekers land interviews and ultimately get job offers. If you type “best resume writers” in the search engine tab, you will probably be surprised to see how many companies and individuals offer such services. We should note though, that one should be careful not to choose the company that only claims to be a professional agency while it is nothing else but a scam company.
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