How to Write a Dissertation?

If you are reading this article, you are on the way to receiving one of the most important documents in your life, your degree. Dissertation writing is a serious and complicated task and you have to understand that to accomplish it successfully, you need to follow the schedule and the structure. You are sure to receive the schedule at your university along with the dissertation structure. However, many students are not sure what to write in each of the sections. Many articles are written on this topic, but most of them are either too long or too complicated. This article will provide you with adequate and easy dissertation help, which may assist you in completing your task.

Dissertation Writing Tips: The Structure

how to write a dissertation

I. Title page. This is first page of your dissertation, which mentioned the title of your research, your name, the name of your educational establishment, and the date.

II. Abstract. Here you write 150-200 words, which contain a brief summary of your dissertation.

III. Table of contents. This is the place for your content. Don’t forget to include all headings and subheadings indenting the levels

IV. Acknowledgements. You are sure to have people to thank. Do it here.

V. Introduction. This is a part where you will discuss the general statement, the problem, the purpose of the study, the research questions and the hypotheses, definitions, and will finally summary the main idea of the discussion.

VI. Literature review. This is one of the largest parts since here you have to review the literature in the field. There is a common rule to use the source no less than 10 years old. However, you may have some specifications from your adviser. You will also have to stick to some particular citation style (prescribed by the professor). Literature review does not only enumerates the sources mentioned in the rule, but also discussed the achievements in the sphere with identifying the gaps.

VII. Methodology. This section should discuss the research method used for analyzing the results. Dissertation writing presupposes research conduction. Your task is to discuss the subjects, the sample, and the method of analyzing the results.

VIII. Results. The results section should be devoted to representation of the obtained results. Many writing companies do not only provide the results of your experience, but can also conduct a research and summarize the obtained results for you, having made your life easier.

IX. Discussion. This section is a detailed analysis of the research results with the reference to the literature review. As for me, it is the most complicated part since you have not only provided the analysis of your results, but also to integrate those in another research.

X. Conclusion. Summarize the main ideas discussed in your dissertation here.

XI. Recommendations. Don’t forget to put our recommendation for future practical and theoretical implications.

XII. References. You are sure to use some sources, don’t forget to provide a citation in a proper style.

XIII. Appendices. Put here any graphs, screen shorts or other additional data used in the research and required being present in the final paper.

Don’t be afraid of a lot of sections, as starting dissertation writing, you will see that each of these parts is necessary and it is impossible to write a completed work without any of them. This structure is exactly what you need to follow in order to succeed. However, if you still need help, you can buy a dissertation online. There are many services, which may assist you in writing either the whole dissertation or the parts. Despite the fact that any dissertation writing company guarantees top quality and plagiarism free papers, make sure to check the service before ordering a large work. Place some order of smaller amount to have a look at the product they deliver and to make sure that the dissertation help they provide is exactly what you need.
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