Importance of communication in business

business communicationCommunication is a very important aspect in running business in the modern world. The success of the enterprise may depend on effective communication in business. The way people share information and deliver messages influence their image. Moreover, negotiations may be a serious strategic means of business, and their failure may lead to unfavorable consequences. Before enumerating the importance of communication in business, it would be logical to define communication in business.

What is business communication?

Business communication is a verbal and nonverbal means of communication applied for the corporation needs. It is a set of specific rules and norms used for sharing thoughts and ideas in different spheres of business. Communication is business may be provided within several channels of communication, such as email, internet, social network, radio, television, public speeches and personal communication.

There are two main types of communication in business:

  1. Internal communication is communication which is held inside the company. The examples of such communication are numerous. The discussion of the projects inside the department and outside those within one company is considered as internal communication. All the instructions and messages sent inside the company are related to this type of communication.
  2. External communication is referred to all types of communication held outside the organization. Negations with partners, agreements with customers, advertising, public relations, comments, and other ways of information delivery outside the company are considered as external communication type.

Speaking about the importance of communication in business, it should be noted that business success depends on it. In the modern world of high level of competition where many companies offer similar goods and services, only the ability to attract clients’ attention, the opportunity to deliver the message effectively and the capacity to position the company in mass media in a very positive light can help the company to win. No success can be achieved without business communication strategies, which may vary depending on the company vision, mission, and goals.

No business can run without effective communication. People have to convince the clients to use their products/services; the companies have to persuade the partners to cooperate with them. It is impossible to cooperate without communication and this is the main importance of the communication in business.

Overall, there are a lot of business communication articles, which discuss the importance of the issue. Having studied many sources online I would like to stress the article “Successful Business Communication: It Starts at the Beginning” by Amy Rees Anderson located on Forbes. The information in this article touches many aspect of communication in business. Studying the problem and working on defining the importance of communication in business, this article and many others may be an effective source of information.