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Based on our years of involvement in the writing industry, we have noticed that many writers would rather write as independent workers with their own guidelines and prices that are set according to their experience and reputation, than work as an employee of a company where the paycheck and rewards based on job performance are not so clearcut.

We have developed a unique service where writers are able to present their writing portfolio (samples, previous jobs, blogs, text for sale), and set services and prices using a personal order form. allows customers to directly contact writers and order texts from a specific writer via personal order form.

Set your prices and receive orders now!

After taking a few minutes to register your account and set your own order form, you are ready to go! Now you can promote yourself as an independent freelance writer or a group of writers with their own set of rules and prices.


Order form features

Unique search

Unique search that sorts out the best writers and companies according to their services, reputation and prices.

Our guarantee

If writer is unable to complete the task for any reason, we will find you a new writer or editor to complete it - guaranteed. We recognize that you have a reputation to uphold and we will never let you down.

Additional services

We employ many capable writers and editors who are eager to help with your text.

Pay per word scheme

This scheme is based on results, not on time that you have spent on the computer.

Cannot drop prices instantly

You can change your prices once in 5 hours to have healthy competition that is based on skills and reputation of writers.
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