Professional Resume Writers: Who Are They?

More and more job seekers retreat to professional resume writers in hope to have their application selected for the interview. There are many debates going on today whether people should use such services or whether they are better off writing their resumes on their own. For years this discussion hasn’t ended and will unlikely end in the nearest future. Some people said they had benefited from hiring resume writers online, succeeding in their job search campaign, while others assure of the same result achieved without using any paid services. Because of such dichotomy it appears job seekers have a choice which is simply a matter of convenience: either to spend several days on creating an effective resume or have it written by experts paying them some money. There are many articles and resume writing guides that can be found today, so the abundance and accessibility of resources allow job seekers to cope with this task on their own. At the same time, there is very little information about those who are engaged in a so called resume writing job. We decided to correct this injustice and share more about who people who develop resumes for others really are?

Who Writes Resumes for Others

Professional resume writers usually work for companies providing comprehensive career assistance services. They would rarely work individually as the chances of finding clients online would be very low due to the fact that resume writing companies are well advertised. They would simply remain invisible behind strong online presence of agencies that invest thousands of dollars in social media marketing and search engine optimization programs. It is not to say that resume writers who work independently don’t exist; they are simply much less visible in terms of search engine results. If you are looking for resume writers online, you should probably check different freelance platforms. This is the place where they would typically offer their services.

But who would try to earn money with resume writing skills? The answer for this question is quite simple: those who have writing skills and understand how the hiring process works (in other words, how hiring decisions are made). Professional resume writers are usually former HR people who themselves witnessed how it all works on the other side (maybe they even reviewed resumes themselves to choose the fitting candidates). The thing is that professional resume writers cost job seekers a good deal of money. Companies providing such services usually charge $100-$500 for one resume and consequently people who have this specific knowledge earn good salaries. As a result, those who worked in Human Resources feel tempted to transition to the resume writing industry, as they can earn even more there. There are also those who learn to write resumes effectively without having any HR experience by attending trainings and earning certifications. Getting a resume writing job in a reputable company isn’t easy though. It takes specific knowledge and skills to get the position of a resume writer because the stakes are pretty high in this kind of business. Companies are responsible for delivering resumes that land interviews, and, therefore, they look for people who can ensure that produced documents will accomplish this goal.

We should note that by far not all resume writing companies out there can deliver high quality documents. All of them claim they do, but the truth of the matter is that very few are actually professional agencies who care about the services they offer. Therefore, job seekers should be really careful when choosing the company not to waste their money. Scam companies usually have writers from Africa or Philippines who produce low quality resumes while charging a lot of money.