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Welcome to St. Thomas More Academy.

By balancing religion, outstanding academics, arts, athletics and community service, the Academy prepares each student for the college that best suits his or her unique gifts. We provide challenging moral, academic and co-curricular programs that assist each graduate in becoming a faith-filled, discerning, loving and active citizen.

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Catholic Diocese of Wilmington Saint Thomas More Academy

Welcome to the website of St. Thomas More – a Catholic high school of the Diocese of Wilmington. Our high school is a very special one – it is a place where students are given the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, athletically and socially.

Academically, our students are offered coursework in all areas traditionally expected in a high school education. Above our basic requirements (which can be found in our Student Handbook), we offer many electives in a wide variety of disciplines – from the sciences to the arts, and everything in between! Our students show their academic prowess and growth in their achievement on standardized testing. The students of St. Thomas More Academy develop analytical and critical thinking skills that allow them develop great essays and works in variety of fields and topics. Our students learn to prioritize their studies in accordance with their chosen future carries, which allows them to choose whether to buy research papers or investigate the subject and develop their research results themselves. And the results in that regard are excellent. However, standardized tests, like the SAT, only tell a portion of the story: Our students receive admissions to great colleges. Our college acceptance rate is near 100%; our college attendance rate (student attending college upon graduation) is over 95%.

Spiritually, we challenge our students to look at the world keeping God at the core of their understanding of all things. Jesus Christ told his Apostles to “Go teach all nations.” It is on this foundation that Catholic education is built – it is on this foundation that STM is built. We continue to the mission and ministry of Christ by making his teachings known to the world, and we educate our students to know the place of God in their lives and in this world. When people enter our school one of the first things they see emblazoned in our lobby is our school’s motto, “Fides Quaerens Intellectum,” which means “Faith seeking understanding.” This is more than just a motto; it is the premise on which we educate: to help our young people grow in their understanding of God and the world He gave us. We educate to make our students’ faith better understood, better lived and better served.

The spiritual life of the school is nourished by the celebration of Mass every week for our students to give them the opportunity hear the word of God and come to the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Additionally retreats, reconciliations services and campus ministry programs form the landscape of the spiritual life of our school.

Athletically, we provide access to many sports for our students; additionally Physical Education and Health are part of our curriculum. We offer baseball, basketball, cheerleading/dance, cross country, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. We are a member of the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association. Our school is large enough to field so many sports, yet small enough that students have the opportunity to partake in a team sport each sports season. Sports at STM are something that well over half of all students partake in; they are a big part of our school’s life.

Socially and in terms of extra-curricular life, we provided a Christian atmosphere for our students to thrive in, to learn in, to live in, to make friends in and to become adults in. To that end, we provide forums in which our students can learn to serve others and improve themselves. We offer clubs, service organizations, campus ministry, school events, class events, etc. to help our students grow into sound, well-rounded adults.

  • Arts. Our school’s drama program puts on multiple shows each year – dramas, musicals, comedies. Their performances are held both on campus and at local venues in professional settings. Our students are given the opportunity to stretch themselves in drama and performance. Our music programs include chorus, band, marching band, and much more.
  • Leadership. Our student government association (SGA) gives students a chance to learn to develop leadership and organizational skills.
  • Service. Our school likewise has a bevy of service organizations. They include Key Club, Campus Ministry, and many other groups that enable our students to give back to the community as well develop a sense of serving others as a way of acknowledging Christ commandment to love God and neighbor.
  • Co-Curricular Clubs: We have honor societies (including National Honor Society) and co-curricular activities (including math leagues) to raise-up the standards of our academic program in ways external to day-to-day instruction.
  • St. Thomas More is a wonderful school. It is a unique place for young men and women to learn their academics, of course, but it is also a place for them learn about God, life, friendship, faith, trust and integrity. We teach our students to be well learned, but to be honorable and faithful above all else.

    Having been in education for many years, I can say without question that St. Thomas More is the best educational setting I have ever experienced both as a teacher and an administrator. From the bottom of my heart I tell you that I think STM is a special place, and I think our students – our young men and women – are outstanding. Contact our school to arrange for more information or to arrange a tour or visit.