What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a specific performance on the web, defined as an art of writing different types of papers aimed at selling the products, adverting those, and convincing a reader to take some actions. Having chosen a copywriting career, one has to learn some basic rules of this profession.

10 Particular Rules of Successful Copywriting

what is copywriting

  • Spelling and grammar must be on the highest level in the best copywriting. Poor content does not appear at the engine search results. Always proofread your articles to avoid any mistakes if you want to see your articles working.
  • Know your audience as in case of using too simple or too difficult words people may refuse from reading. Searching for the information online, people usually look for the data which is useful for them specifically. The work of a router may be discussed in many ways.
  • The title in a creative copywriting should be between 50 and 70 characters. It is to be interesting, catching, and fascinating. Most people decide whether to read the article or not after having read its title.
  • Short length of the content is a good sign for Tweeter, since others would like to retweet the information. However, it does not work with other content one wants to keep searchable on Google. Google Panda updates work on the improvement of quality and quantity.
  • An ordinary article in a creative copywriting can be of different length. Some research names 500 characters in average and another research points to 2,000 characters. Much depends on the audience.
  • Content should be meaningful. Always develop your ideas, create the introduction and a conclusion since a meaningless stream of consciousness cannot be interesting and won’t bring any benefit.
  • The best copywriting article contains statistics or other facts involving numbers. Such facts sound stronger and add to the quality of the written information and to its usefulness.
  • Written material should have short paragraphs or bullet points. Paragraphs usually consist of 4-5 sentences with 1-2 subheadings and at least 4-5 bullet points.
  • Appeal to emotions to make a reader to complete the article without a desire to stop reading. Emotions is a powerful.
  • Use a So-What formula to guarantee success. Overall, it is important to understand what is written and why it is written. A So-What formula helps to achieve the final aim of copywriting and to make an article purchasable.

Now that you know what a copywriting is, its definition and rules, you can make a conclusion that it is not a simple creative essay-writing. It should involve some skills in advertising and an ability to attract people and keeping their attention on the subject.

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