Where to Find Resume Writing Help?

The competition on the job market within the USA is constantly growing. It becomes really difficult to get through to an interview stage, let alone be hired. As a result, job seekers look for ways to enhance their application documents in way that would grant them at least more interview opportunities. Since resume is the only opportunity to “sell” yourself to a potential employer before an interview, more and more job hunters retreat to professional resume writing agencies. Because they don’t know how they can spice up their main marketing document on their own, they trust experienced writers to do it on their behalf for money. This isn’t bad, this isn’t good; it’s just one way to get a head start in a race for a good job. But where does one find professional assistance, especially in an age where scam companies flourish?

Need Help Writing a Resume?

Despite the fact that a bunch of good resume writing companies invest thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns, they will never fully overshadow those who offer the same services for a cheaper price. The thing is that there are agencies who have very little understanding of what a professional resume really is, but because they simply want to earn money by fooling their customers online they lower the service prices a bit, advertising themselves as “the best resume writing service”. Therefore, if you need help writing a resume and you are thinking of ordering such service online, the first thing you should be aware of is that there are many scam companies out there you should avoid. They usually have attractive price list to hook the customers so one should be careful not to be tempted by this.

We recommend looking for professional companies that can keep their promises in terms of delivering high quality services. Such agencies would usually not charge less than $70-$80 for one resume. More often it would be in the range of $100-$300 per document. Such companies are never afraid to allow you to communicate with your resume writer directly (unlike scam companies) simply because there is no good reason to prohibit such communication. So inquiring whether you can have a phone call from a resume writer could be a good test to see whether a company is professional or simply one of those scams spreading through the Internet. If you need help writing a resume for a specific job (federal, executive-level position, etc.), try to find a company that specializes in the respective field. For example, there are companies dealing exclusively with job seekers who want to transition from the military to the civilian workforce. Also, there are agencies that provide resume writing services exclusively for managers and executives. It is always better to choose resume writing company that specializes in your particular field of interest.

But a professional resume company isn’t the only option. If you need help writing a resume and you don’t have $100 to pay a company, you should probably try to find a freelance resume writer. Former HR people sometimes can be found on freelance platforms where they offer their assistance to those looking for resume help. It may take more time because figuring out how each and every freelance website works may be difficult, but this way you can find a decent freelance writer who would be willing to help you for $50. Again, you should be careful when selecting one because there are some who only claim to be professional resume writers, when in fact they are only amateurs. But each freelance platform usually helps customers make a choice by providing some handy tools and tips to evaluate each freelancer.

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