Why should I invite customers to work via Writology?

with WritOlogy

without WritOlogy

No fraud

We did our best to develop a system that ensures the writer obtains a well-deserved pay once the order has been accomplished. According to our policy, you start working on the paper only after we receive the payment from the customer. In case he/she questions the quality of your work and requests a refund, we will carefully review the request and decline it in case complaints are unjustified.

Risk of losing money

Almost every freelancer considers risks of getting unpaid upon completion of an order. When you are not protected by any official agreement, you never know if a customer is going to keep his word or simply disappear and refuse to pay. Moreover, it is hard to protect yourself from ungrounded refund requests when you have done your best to deliver the highest quality work.

Free plagiarism detection system

You don’t need to pay for an accurate plagiarism detection service anymore! At Writology, you can check your paper for plagiarism for free.

Expensive plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism checker is a must if you want to provide your customer with a unique paper. Most writers are forced to spend a certain percent of their earnings on a reliable software.

Free online store of prewritten texts

You can not only work on customized orders but also sell your prewritten texts.

You can’t sell your previous works

Being a freelance writer, you mostly write what customers want you to write. Choosing a topic or writing style is an unattainable luxury.

Equal work conditions for every writer

We realize how challenging it might be for you to work under the conditions of tough competition. Writology offers the transparent system where each writer works according to a self-set price list. You are also free to display the most relevant information about your professional profile, such as samples of your works, test results, or some personal information.

Unfair competition

Situations when writers do not provide genuine information about themselves and pretend to be someone else just to get the best customers are not rare on popular content mills. The worst thing is that often it is the writer with the lowest price who gets the gig, so getting a compensation you deserve becomes virtually impossible.

Why should I recommend your service to others?

with WritOlogy

without WritOlogy

Free plagiarism detection system

You don’t need to pay for the accurate plagiarism detection service anymore! At Writology, you can check your writing for plagiarism for free.

Additional spending on plagiarism checkers

If you want to make sure the paper you have received from the writer is original, you have to use a good plagiarism checker, which is not free.

Our guarantees

If the writer you’ve chosen fails to complete the order on time, our professional team of writers will rework the paper to provide you with quality work whenever you request it according to our price list.

No guarantees

When you hire a writer, you never know how responsible he/she is. Things like failed deadlines, low quality work, or simply a writer disappearing without notice are all risks of working with freelancers.

Professional editors

Our reliable editing services are at your disposal 24/7. Moreover, when you choose Writology professional writing service, editing will be provided to you for free.

Additional need of editor

When the freelancer is tasked to write a text, he/she will do exactly that.Things like editing or proofreading should be paid for additionally.

Pay for results

According to our policy, you pay only for the amount of pages or words delivered by the writer. He/she starts working on your order only after you have transferred the respective payment to Writology account. However, the writer will be paid only if you have accepted the project, meaning that you can ask for revisions or even claim your money back if you are not satisfied with his/her work.

Possibility of losing money

Most freelance writers charge hourly rates, meaning that you pay for the amount of time they spend in front of the computer, not for actual results. Moreover, direct unsupervised payments often lead to you not being able to ask for a refund, even in case a paper you receive is good-for-nothing.

Transparent system

Test results, writing samples, previous orders list, customer reviews and transparent prices will help you choose the most appropriate writer for your project.

Tricky writer profiles

You never know if what the writer states in his/her profile is actually true. It may result in you expecting to receive an impeccable work from a seemingly skillful writer but being disappointed with a low-quality paper.

Where can writers find new customers?

We provide guarantees, a variety of helpful and innovative features, and charge the smallest commission online. Make your calculations and see why it is profitable for you to work with us.

Post and share your own articles on our blog. If your article ranks well on search engines, you will be able to reach a wider audience. Therefore, if potential clients like your writing, they will order writing services directly from you. Thus, you’ll get more reliable long-term clients.

If you create a Facebook order form using Writology.com account, all your friends and page visitors will be able to identify you as a freelance writer. It could increase your chances of receiving more orders.

Advertise your services on various freelance web sites

You can find your potential customers on various freelance sites and introduce your Writology account to them.

How it works

  • Agree with the customer to work via Writology

  • Send us the client’s e-mail by clicking “invite customer”.

  • The customer will receive an e-mail with an invitation to register and place the first order.

  • Each time your friend places an order on our website, you will be awarded a special 10% bonus.