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Buy a Custom-Written Essay Without Use of ChatGPT and OpenAI

What is ChatGPT?

Many students are looking for an AI essay generator or a service to hire a ChatGPT essay writer, but you need to pay attention to the consequences a use of such services might bring. Let’s review what a ChatGPT is first. According to Wikipedia contributors (2023), ChatGPT is “a chatbot launched by OpenAI.” A clearer definition was provided by Sabrina Ortiz (2023), “ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations and much more with a chatbot.” Under “much,” we can see this chatbot is used as an essay generator. Most services use this OpenAI tool free of charge, but since it is getting more popular, it is only a question of when it becomes a paid tool. Moreover, some companies that offer support of a ChatGPT essay writer already request extra payment for papers with a word count of more than 100 words.

Is it Safe to Use AI Essay Generator?

Well, we are not here to lie to you. For now, using an AI essay generator is safe. However, you need to know that there are various essay generators, and the quality of the texts they produce differs. The text quality you might get is covered in the research by Bahri et al. (2021). In their research, the language quality of the text can be divided into low, medium, and high. Please check figure 1 provided below to check out the visible difference between such texts.

Figure 1. Language Quality

Language Quality

Note. Low, medium, and high language quality examples, as deemed by the GPT-2 detector and both human raters. Texts were minimally modified to protect the identity of the author.

According to Yalalov (2022), a real-life test has been conducted at the University of Texas in Austin. Scott Graham, an assistant professor of rhetoric and writing, has asked students to produce an essay with an approximate word count of 2,200 words with the assistance of AI. How do you think, what were the results of such an experiment? Students got 3 and 3- marks for essays written with the help of AI and had to rewrite those manually to get high grades. Do you still believe using AI essay generator services is worth of your efforts?

Is there a way to track down the usage of ChatGPT?

We won’t say the truth if we stated that using ChatGPT essay writer services is easy to detect, but as mentioned above, it is evident that a person did not produce the text. Universities are now worried about the authenticity of works students pass and are looking for a way to discover a ChatGPT essay. Papers produced with the help of OpenAI are considered plagiarized. Hern (2023) mentions the researcher guest from OpenAI, Scott Aaronson stated they want to imply a technology to combat fraud by using ChatGPT.

According to Aaronson (as cited in the Guardian, December, 2022), the technology will work by fine-tuning certain word choices selected by ChatGPT in a way that would not be noticeable to the reader but would be statistically predictable for those looking for signs of machine-generated text. This will be done as OpenAI wants “it to be much harder to take a GPT output and pass it off as if it came from a human…This could be helpful for preventing academic plagiarism, obviously, but also, for example, mass generation of propaganda โ€“ you know, spamming every blog with seemingly on-topic comments supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine without even a building full of trolls in Moscow. Or impersonating someone’s writing style in order to incriminate them” (Hern, 2023).

Moreover, Aaronson also announced they had designed a prototype to leave watermarks in text generated by ChatGPT so the professors and teachers can see the machine-generated text and prevent students from using the ChatGPT essay as their own work. The information about watermarks leaving technology was confirmed by Sparkes (December, 2022). You can never know for sure when the new technologies will be applied in the process. It has also been mentioned that the chatbot works not perfectly and generates facts and information that might not be true, and as we all know, academic writing requires scholarly sources to support your evidence. Every information you provide and submit with the usage of free AI writer has to be double-checked and proofread to look like man-made writing. This will never happen if you use a professional writing company, as it is impossible to replace an experienced researcher or writer.

No AI Usage โ€“ Only Professional Writers Assistance

When looking for a ChatGPT essay service, students often look for answers to the questions “Is ChatGPT considered plagiarism? Is ChatGPT plagiarism-free?” Unfortunately, there is bad news for students here, as using OpenAI assistance is considered to be cheating. Chechitelli (2023) has announced that it has already implemented technologies to detect machine-generated text using ChatGPT and now even has a full lab perfecting ways to identify such text. Turnitin is not a simple plagiarism checker. It is a well-known service that cooperates with almost every university in the world. We believe using free AI essay generators is not worthy of the trouble that might follow with submitting a plagiarized document. produces plagiarism-free papers for students worldwide. Our experts are professional writers with academic backgrounds and can assist you with the work on any topic and any complexity. We know it is hard to believe, but we have already completed more than 15K of unique assignments for graduates. Our specialists are inventive and always find a way to write a perfect essay of supreme quality, even if you think someone has already covered everything on your topic. All you need to do to cooperate with the best writers online is place an order on our website, and you will never think about using essay generator services. Human writing services only, hardcore only.

How can ChatGPT influence my academic success?

In case you need any assistance, we recommend using expert companies prior to AI essay generators for several reasons. First of all, more and more technologies and apps are designed to detect generic text. According to Cassidy (2023), a student of Princeton University has developed an app that can identify the difference between text produced by a human being and generated by a chatbot ChatGPT. This app already has a beta version, and its algorithm efficiently detects a generic essay. The link to try out the app can be found in the Cerullo (2023) article. For more details and videos, check out the Twitter account of the student, Edward Tian. The links to his account are available in Cassidy (2023) article.

Secondly, as Mike Sharples states in Parker (2022), AI essay generators are great with words, but artificial intelligence tools have no idea how the world works. As already mentioned, they are amoral, meaning they can make up research evidence and invent “academic references” that don’t exist. To contradict this, some students might refer to a CBS News (2023) article (January 25, 2023) proving a chatbot has passed a law school exam. Still, let’s pay attention to the details mentioned in this article. ChatGPT has passed a test that consisted of 95 multiple-choice questions and 12 open questions and has got only a C+ grade. Isn’t such statistics very good? Let’s be truthful, 95 multiple-choice questions are a lot, and our bet is you could have guessed some of them by yourself and got even higher grades with open-question answers. We believe a chatbot simply cannot perform high-quality assignments.

Thirdly, once a technology for detecting generic texts develops, there is a risk it might show the previous papers that were submitted and designed with the ChatGPT help. Hopefully, it won’t happen, but we have prepared a list of consequences you might face and how it might influence your academic success:

Get Custom Essay Help with No Threats to Receive Penalties is a writing service with over a decade of academic writing experience. With our little help, you can hire a specialist in your field to assist with any assignment type. Our experts can assist you whether you want to buy a letter of recommendation, buy custom essays, or simply are looking for someone to help with a request “write my personal statement.” We at are proud of the specialists we cooperate with. This applies not only to our writers but also to all our teams. However, let’s talk about our writers first.

Our company has achieved great success in the writing industry for many reasons, but the most substantial one is the quality of the papers we provide. All the assignments we complete are unique, and with us, you can get an essay with no AI help. We thoroughly select and hire the most talented applicants. Such a result can be reached only with a strict hiring process. Our hiring team has developed a few stages of the employment process. Let us show these stages.

Stage 1. Resume and Sample.

Each candidate submits a resume, some papers they have prepared, and the application on our website. This phase allows us to check their background and writing style.

Stage 2. Tests.

An applicant has to pass a few tests, which help us check their English knowledge.

Stage 3. Custom Sample.

Our hiring team creates and sends instructions to a candidate so that they can produce a custom-written paper within the set deadline. This way, the employment team ensures the future employer conducts background research on a given topic follows the requirements, and prepares a solid paper within the given timeline.

Stage 4. Interview.

This phase was designed to verify the academic background of the applicant and their English and confirm a future writer wants to assist our students and help them gain academic success.

We closely monitor the work of our writing experts, and every paper is completed only after an editor approves it. cooperates with certified editors to provide flawless tasks. An editor checks if the writer follows requirements, provides credible sources, certainly verifies the sources, checks if the chosen citation style was properly followed, and examines the paper to avoid any spelling or grammar mistakes. We have also added a team of mentors who scrupulously oversee the work of our newbies and help them at every step at the start of their careers. These are the measures we take to guarantee you get exceptional human essay help.

Benefits You Get from Professional Writing Service Instead of AI-generated Essay

๐Ÿ‘ Immaculate timing

Round-the-clock assistance

โœ… Safe payment

Secure payment methods

๐Ÿ”’ Confidentiality

Total anonymity

๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŽ“ Compliance with instructions

Thorough quality check

๐Ÿ“ Zero tolerance for plagiarism

Low prices

In addition to man-made essay help, a professional writing service provides numerous benefits compared to AI-generated essay help. The most crucial thing you need to do before starting your cooperation with any writing company is to check the background and the guarantees the company provides. is a decent writing service, and we guarantee timely delivery, competent support available 24/7, and impeccable assignments, regardless of complexity or deadline. Furthermore, we provide plentiful benefits to improve collaboration with our company as we want it to be fruitful for our clients as well.

Is Consistent Quality of Custom Essays Possible at a Cheap Price? was established to assist students, and we want to do that regardless of their income. We work out various ways to set budget-friendly prices for our assistance, and we never cut on the quality of the tasks we complete, including the writing and editing services we provide. Our main goal in providing such assistance is to get more free time for students efficiently. We want to give this extra time as we understand its value. Among this, our company wants this time to be enjoyable, and we want to give you a feeling of security. With us, there is no reason to stress out about the authenticity of your assignments and ChatGPT AI essays. We deeply care about your academic success and go above and beyond to help you get high grades.

Our prices start at $11.99 per page of writing prepared according to your needs. offers flexible pricing and several ways to lower your order price that we want to share with you. First, orders with longer deadlines cost less, so we recommend placing your order beforehand. Second, we provide a 15% discount on your first order on our website so you can try out our services and get in love with our writing service. Third, we have a discount program for our returning clients. Once you have ordered 30 pages with our company, you get a 5% lifetime discount and the more you order, the higher discount you get. Fourth, we have designed an affiliate program, so you can not only save money with us but earn them. Our affiliate program is a way to thank our returning customers who recommend our writing company to their colleagues, groupmates, or friends. Just send the referral code or link to your friend, and you will get a 10% bonus on every order price your friend made. In addition, your friend will get a 17% discount on their first order with us. You can use the money for your future orders with us or withdraw them.

We Care About the Reputation of Our Clients

With, you can hire a real writer and get human essay help with no usage of ChatGPT AI technology. We can help you with any task, despite the complexity and deadline. You can rely on us as we are always here for you. We provide a money-back guarantee, and you can apply for it whenever you feel your instructions were not precisely followed. Once the request is investigated and approved, you can get your money back. Our company wants to secure you on every level. We guarantee your confidentiality and high-quality papers. You are 2 minutes away from your academic success. Simply click on the “Order Now” button, give your instructions for the writer, attach the necessary files and enjoy your free time with your family and friends.

No need to waste your time! Place your order at and get some rest, have a picnic, or go for a walk. Our writers are professionals and can assist students of all academic levels, from High School to Ph.D. We guarantee you will get a plagiarism-free paper completed by an expert, not a ChatGPT essay writer, and most substantially, provided within your chosen deadline.

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