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What is Ghostwriting?
Is Ghostwriting Legal?

Ghostwriting is getting more and more popular among people of every walk of life. Indeed, why not to let professional do your job, especially if you don’t have time for it?

Ghost writing services are extremely useful by means of today's busy world. Everyone should do what they suppose to, or at least, what they have time for. That’s why, legality is based on one’s priority. If you’re stronger in entrepreneurship, yet less strong in writing - find your ghost writer and solve this puzzling issue right away.

Of course, you should understand all the risks you take by hiring a ghostwriter, however, WritOlogy guarantees that your data is never to be given to third-parties. Everything is just between you and us.

Who Needs a Ghostwriter?

Ghost writers are simply talented writers who are paid to produce outstanding work that is officially authored by other people. Using ghostwriting services is a common practice in many different industries:
  • Marketing

    Website owners and online marketers hire ghostwriters to come up with catchy slogans, craft compelling landing pages, blog posts, and product descriptions

  • Book or ebook publishing

    Celebrities and even renowned authors very often turn to ghostwriters for fiction and nonfiction book writing help.

  • Entertainment

    Ghostwriters are commonly used for lyrics writing and screenplay writing. Moreover, ghost writers often work as journalists who do autobiographies and magazine articles

  • Business

    Time is money! Entrepreneurs do not always have enough time to produce meaningful reports, business letters or company PR documents. Hire ghostwriters to get your ideas written by professionals without losing any of your precious time!

  • Speech

    Brilliant public speakers are not necessary good at writing. Hire ghostwriters to write your graduation, public, informative or persuasive speeches. You really think all famous figures are good at writing? Think twice now ;)


Ghostwriters for Hire.
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Benefits of Using WritOlogy Ghostwriting Services

  • On time delivery
  • Affordable prices
  • Comprehensive 24/7 support
  • Only professional WritOlogy ghostwriters at your service
  • Over 10 years of positive experience in ghostwriting
  • The most accurate plagiarism reports here and now

How to Choose a Ghostwriter?

In some cases, the main ghost writer's job is editing a rough draft, while in other a writer gets only the outline from the customer and does the major part of the work on his own. In any case, hiring a ghostwriter is a big decision, since at the end of the day the ghost remains anonymous, and you get to deal with all the questions, comments, and critique.

When looking for a ghostwriter, make sure to find someone with skills that you would expect to see in a top writer and editor: creativity, attention to detail, empathy, consistency. If you are looking to hire ghostwriters for cheap, remember that professional writers do not charge pennies for their work, but it is possible to find inexpensive writer if you dedicate enough time to research.

Apart from that, a good ghostwriter collaborates with you in order to adopt your way of thinking, voice, and writing style. He/she treats you as co-creator and keeps you updated with a project, constantly asking for your opinion and accepting your remarks....

Fortunately, such people can be easily found on our platform. gives you access to numerous freelance ghostwriters for hire, and with us you are sure to find a real soulmate who will simply find the right words to tell your story.

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Ghostwriting Assistance

Ghostwriting services are in demand nowadays - ghostwriting services, ebook ghostwriting services, or blog ghostwriters for hire, you'll find all that and even more on our platform. Whether your project is a 5-page article or a 500-page book, the skillful ghostwriters for hire are always ready to complete a wide range of orders of different complexity. We are employing only experienced freelancers in order to adhere to customers’ expectations.

Apart from connecting you with freelancers, also employs numerous ghost writers and hires only the best of them to ensure unforgettable customer experience for you.

Our office writers are characterized by high level of creativity, responsibility, and adherence to deadlines. Apart from that, we are proud to have top-notch editors and support managers in our team, who will work with you until you're satisfied with end result. A hassle of looking for the best ghostwriting service is no more a hassle with WritOlogy!

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Ghostwriting is one of the most popular services that online platform offers to its customers. It involves writing books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts with the official credit given to another person. Ghostwriting is a perfect solution for all those who have amazing ideas for their writing projects, but lack either time or skill to fulfill them on their own.

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Writology writer
No name
Very big thanks to the guy I talked to, I believe, his name was Jared. I had a very specific task and excessively tight time limits. My order was complete right on time and all the requirements were fully considered. I will definitely use your service again!
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Writology writer
Jeremy Swanson
I used to write articles for my commercial website by my self. I found it hard to delegate to someone I don't even know. The text I received was not quite what I had expected; but the deadline and requirements were fully met. Next time I will be more accurate filling in the instructions.
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Writology writer
Deborah Gambles
5 star experience! awesome service every time. absolutely recommend
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Writology writer
No name
I'm a long time user of writology and I always ask for the same writer. I don't wanna know what's behind, but I always get great text. Prices are reasonable. Any discounts for permanent clients?
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Freelance writer
Vernon Moore
Everything went fine. Decent writing for low price. Wanna try Writology service next time and see if there's better quality.
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Freelance writer
Anna Lee
I order on a regular basis and more than happy with what I get each time. The reason I don't put 5 stars is that the writer extended the deadlines a couple of times. That wasn't a big problem to me though.
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Writology writer
Justine Belich
For the money paid I got even more than I expected. My order was delivered a few hours before the deadline which was a big plus. Thank you guys for great service..
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Freelance writer
No name
writer was 1 hour late but paper was good. thanks
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Writology writer
Mira Luch
FANTASTIC CV! The writer did a great job that was worth every dollar spent! I was hesitating what service I should choose as I had writen a cv on my own so I thought I might have needed a rewrite. The agent I talked to in chat adviced using cv writing and I never regret. You are the best!