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Our Mission

We want to create a conducive work environment where our writers get paid based on their skills, reliability and reputation. At the same time, customers have all the necessary information to make the best decision without paying too much for their order.

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Our Guarantees

What makes us different from our competitors?


You never have to worry about a thing. Even if for some reason the freelance writer you have chosen is unable to fulfill your request, we’ve got you covered. Think of us like a loyal friend who's always there for you. For example, if your writer gets sick and is unable to fulfill your revision requests, you may use the "Writology Guaranteed Writer" option any time to get the job done by our professional. After all, a good company should always have a backup plan, right? We will complete your project on your deadline according to our price list.

Who will work on the project

You can choose between these two options: either you choose a freelance writer/editor who has signed up at Writology website or Writology team member who is academically qualified in writing/editing.

By placing your order with Writology, you can rest assured that your order will be written by our professionals according to your requirements and you will receive it on time.

If you prefer your project to be written by a freelancer, from the moment you place the order through the time your writer/editor sends you the final draft, you always remain in control of the entire process. This means that you get to choose the writer/editor that you think you are most comfortable working with, specify the instructions, arrange and create the writing schedule, etc.

Prices and payments

The amount of time the writer spends on a computer does not always indicate a better quality of work, that is why our customers pay based on the results.

Every writer is unique and has his or her own price list. Freelancers have different educational levels and work experience, they hold different degrees and possess practical experience in various fields. You can evaluate writers based on their skills and experience level.

Writology writers’ team also has a price list you can familiarize yourself with at our website.

According to our policy, the payment should be made before the writer starts working on a project and the money will be withheld until the final document is approved. In such a way, we protect our freelancers from fraud.

At the same time, we have a flexible revision policy and additional order options such as automatic refund or the payment decrease if the final document is not sent for approval within the deadline or until the specific date chosen.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, checks and PayPal payments. Payouts are provided bi-weekly via wire transfer, PayPal and Payoneer.

Writology team or a freelance writer?

We provide you with an opportunity to get the project done either by a freelance writer/editor or by a Writology professional.

Having a lot of experience in writing, we know that needs and requirements of every customer differ. For example, one may not care about the price, but needs the text written on time according to his/her requirements, whereas some people tend to spend more time deciding who will write the order, choosing the most beneficial offer. After all, not everyone can afford professional level of writing assistance.

Whenever you need writing or editing help, the main difference between the Writology and the freelance writing service is the level of your involvement.

Once you place an order in the general pool of orders (for freelancers), you are free to look at writers’/editors’ profiles, browse through previous works, testimonials, and even receive free samples until you find the one who best suits your needs. In fact, whom you choose is entirely up to you!

By ordering writing or editing services from Writology, you don’t have that headache and you can rest assured that academically qualified writer will be assigned to complete your project.


We set our own terms and regulations in addition to your agreements with your writer. Each freelance writer sets his/her own prices and rules.

For example, some writers provide certain services free of charge while others might request additional payment for it. We allow our writers complete autonomy over their rules as long as they do not violate the company’s terms and guidelines. In this case, we hold ourselves entirely responsible for completing your paper of top quality on time.

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