Book report

Writing a Book Review

Book report may be defined as a summary of the story, represented from the angle of writer’s personal opinion. A story report contains some general information about the plot and subjective vision of the book report writer.

structure of a book report

The Structure of a Book Review: Introduction

  • Reveals the type of the book review
  • Indicates the writer’s name
  • Time and location of the story

The main body

  • Reviews every figure of the story, discusses their specialties and peculiaritiese
  • Numerous quotations and extracts from the story are studied to argue or support certain points
  • Reveals body of the paper depending on the report type


  • Summarizes the whole paper taking into account all the opinions and arguments touched

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types of a book report

Book Summary

When you are writing a plot summary for your book report, you don't need to retell the story. You need to explain what your opinion of the story is and why you feel the plot is so compelling, or unrealistic, or sappy. It is the way you analyze the plot that will make this a good report.

Character Analysis

Research the way a character looks like, his appearance, clothes, behavior and explain what impression he makes on the reader. What good traits does the character possess? Skillful book report writer has to provide samples of the character speeches which show his nature. Study the words he/she picks and the way his/her words affect other characters. Put all of your observations together and explain how each figure makes the story move on. If you face lots of difficulties while working on your review, apply for book report writing service offered by our online platform and forget about your troubles.

Theme Analysis

Try including some of your reviews and investigations as a reader into the report in order to show how the topic of the book influences on your perception of the world. Prior to discussing your personal thoughts, however, be sure to reveal the idea and explain how it is developed in the plot.

Provide exact explanation of what topic you will be discussing in your book review. Make use of some quotations taken from the story to point out, that the theme is significant to the story. When writing a book review, make sure to discuss each example or quotation you've inserted in your report. Maintain a clear connection between the theme and the example from the book. As soon as you discuss the theme and investigate the way it affects the story, write couple words about the impression the theme had made and why the book was more or less pleasant to read. will gladly provide you with qualified book report writing services for affordable price. Our talented writers will complete your order according to instructions within restricted time frames. Hire book report writer on our web site and forget about your troubles.