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by: WritOlogy Mar 10, 2021
Nowadays, victims, suspects, and witnesses usually own several smart devices. Therefore, police departments have to deal with the constantly increasing amount of data that is personally sensitive probative ones, being continuously created, accessed, and altered.
by: WritOlogy Sep 07, 2020
A good essay begins with a successful topic. Even if you are complete novice in writing ...
by: WritOlogy Jul 03, 2020
ContentsA Quick Guide to Types of EssaysHow to Write a Descriptive EssayHow to Write Definition EssayHow to Write Compare and Contrast EssayHow to Write a ...
by: WritOlogy Jun 18, 2020
What could we potentially reach by listening to motivational speeches? Isn't it look like wasting of time?
by: WritOlogy magazine article May 29, 2020
Qualified freelance writers know how to write a magazine article up to the set quality standards. They produce articles for different kinds of magazines highlighting various topics.
by: WritOlogy business writing Apr 29, 2020
Collaborative writing is also known as group writing, or a process whereby a group of people performing a similar task discuss and work together to produce a document. Collaborative writing is mostly prevalent in the business setting, where people put concentrate efforts on producing a clear and qua
by: WritOlogy content marketing Jun 10, 2019
As a business owner and a blogger, you are most likely struggling between PPC digital marketing and content marketing. Which one is better? Which one increases brand awareness and business coverage more effectively?
by: WritOlogy Jun 03, 2019
1. The First And Most Significant Goal Is To Finish What You've StartedLet’s get this straight from the beginning: if you start writing a novel, plan ahead to...
by: WritOlogy business writing May 02, 2019
A good business plan is what everyone needs. It does not really matter whether you are a freelance writer engaged in somebody else’s project or a boss of a small software company with only three co-workers or an executive director of a corporation. You cannot go any further without business planning
by: WritOlogy copyright directive Apr 23, 2019
A few weeks ago, the European Parliament has officially approved the new Copyright Directive. This legal package is supposed to update the European copyright law when it comes to sharing any type of content online.
by: WritOlogy writing Apr 08, 2019
It’s hard to say exactly how much impact a good product description has because there are not so many studies on the subject out there. But one thing we know for sure: potentially, 20% of product sales success depends on a clear message included in the initial product description. It’s only natural
by: WritOlogy writing tips Apr 01, 2019
We are all familiar with PowerPoint and we all strive to create a better presentation each time with its help. The reason can be to impress a client, to report to the boss, or to simply create a newsletter for the colleagues. A PowerPoint presentation is a great tool but often an interactive PowerPo
by: WritOlogy writing tips Mar 22, 2019
Anyone who's ever been a student will agree that writing an essay is not easy. In fact, it seems to be quite a challenging task: finding proper ideas, arranging the text according to the rules, keeping the style consistent throughout the entire work. Let us assume that you've composed a great essay
by: WritOlogy writing tips Mar 18, 2019
A few years ago, all a business had to do to run a content marketing campaign was publish a few blog posts. Sounds easy? Times have changed and content copywriting is a lot more elaborate today than it was a decade ago. The copywriting definition now encompasses a whole spectrum of digital marketin
by: WritOlogy Mar 07, 2019
Some authors just have that magic touch… You start reading their piece and you suddenly reach the end, thirsty for more. This happens with content that is read so smoothly that the reader gets lost between the words. What’s the secret? Transition words.
by: WritOlogy samples Mar 01, 2019
Writing a great resume is not an inborn skill. However, with a poorly written one, there is a very slim chance of getting an interview – let alone a decent job. Even with extensive experience and exemplary education, these factors do not stand out to recruiters unless they are structured in a cohere