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by: WritOlogy christmas December 13th, 2018 (09:51)
Christmas is almost here, and it's time to share love and joy with all the special people in your life. It is time to remember everybody who is dear to you and make their Christmas brighter and warmer with presents and kind words. Greeting cards are perfect to express your care and appreciation, as
by: WritOlogy marketing December 06th, 2018 (10:10)
According to the latest Instagram business statistics, a post with at least one hashtag has 13% more engagement. For Instagram marketing, popular Instagram hashtags are really powerful. Knowing how to go viral on Instagram means using these tags well to achieve the set goals.
by: WritOlogy business & marketing December 03rd, 2018 (11:38)
Have you already discovered the power of email marketing? The more competition there is, the harder it gets, but the result is definitely worth it. Digital ...
by: WritOlogy email marketing November 30th, 2018 (08:39)
We’d make a guess that your email inbox is overflowing with incoming messages daily. Those can be introductory emails with promotional coupons, newsletters, hot deals, password resets, and even emails from your relatives. It would be a full days’ work just reading through them all. In the abundance
by: WritOlogy marketing November 22nd, 2018 (10:26)
Black Friday after Thanksgiving is an official start of the annual shopping spree. The Black Friday history goes back to the beginning of the XX century. It originated in the USA, in the state of Philadelphia. The origin of Black Friday as we know comes from a very simple technique of the XX century
by: WritOlogy other November 16th, 2018 (09:05)
Thanksgiving is one of the major holidays in the USA and Canada. The first Thanksgiving (as documented) happened around 1621, but it wasn't such a big celebration than as it is now. Thanksgiving started to look more or less like it looks today right after the Revolutionary War. But when did Thanksgi
by: WritOlogy writing November 08th, 2018 (10:10)
Note taking should assist us when we actively process information. Writing in itself is an automatic thing; we don’t give it as much attention as we think we do. That’s why before we try to find the best way to take notes, we need to understand that the main task of taking notes.
by: WritOlogy other October 26th, 2018 (11:32)
Pretty soon the darkest fears of the humanity, fairy tale creatures, and Hollywood horrors will be roaming the streets all across the country. Yes, the ...
by: WritOlogy social media October 25th, 2018 (16:40)
Nowadays, the main focus of businesses falls upon those social channels which generate the most traffic. Instagram can boast of hundreds of millions monthly users and tens of millions of pictures shared daily. Using Instagram for business also brings some of the most dedicated public, which makes it
by: WritOlogy seo and marketing October 12th, 2018 (20:51)
The modern world of online marketing nowadays is all about SEO and content marketing. Let’s identify core differences between these two concepts and il...
by: WritOlogy seo and marketing October 05th, 2018 (14:13)
The primary objective when starting up a website and working to make it the most popular is driving traffic to your page. The larger your audience is, the more ...
by: WritOlogy marketing October 05th, 2018 (10:53)
What is an Infographic? The human biology has enabled our visual perception to be the strongest comprehension tool we have. We get most of our informational input primarily through our vision. In this context, we talk about infographics. What is an infographic? Infographics are the way to convey inf
by: WritOlogy business tips September 28th, 2018 (13:11)
There are things beyond our control, and every successful business is based on understanding of this simple truth. Such natural phenomena as the rhythm of seasons should be taken at face value; same as the seasons in business. There are times of low season and times of hectic season; nevertheless, n
by: WritOlogy content marketing September 21st, 2018 (09:32)
In the business world, every field has a certain set of general information about its functions, services, and products which obviously cannot be different for every single entrepreneur. You cannot reinvent the wheel, but you can attach some flashy features and brandy stickers to it and add a new va
by: WritOlogy reading tips September 13th, 2018 (10:08)
What Is Speed Reading? Do You Need a Speed Reading Habit? There is hardly anybody in the present-day society who cannot read at all, but do all of us read fast enough? Shall we learn to speed read fast or are our skills sufficient?
by: WritOlogy business & marketing September 07th, 2018 (14:57)
How to create a LinkedIn profile?How to delete a LinkedIn profile?What is my LinkedIn URL?How to change your LinkedIn URL?How to turn your LinkedIn profile ...