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- Would you buy a pig in a poke?
- Pig in a poke? What is it like?
- Well, it’s a pig.
- Is it a good pig? How old is it? What breed is it?
- Well… It’s a pig.
- I’m not buying it…

About product description writing

This anecdote illustrates the importance of proper product description. You don’t have it - you can’t sell it; the mysterious pig in a poke does nothing for your piggy bank. Product description is a passport for your merchandise, ensuring it can successfully cross the border between your store or service and a customer’s house. Which product will make it through sooner? The one with explicitly emphasized qualities, listed in a way that answers all the buyers’ questions before they’re even asked. Why should they purchase the product? Its description must tell them why - whether because it’s unique, organic, timesaving, or simply pleasing. If a customer can see a reason for using your service or product and choosing it over others, they have a reason to pay well for it - and keep your business thriving. To consolidate its prosperity, use our product description writing service and website copywriting services.

We know how to get
your customer excited about what you have to offer

Our product description writers are always ready go the extra mile for you, enhancing your brand identity and adding a unique creative spark to every project they work on.

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Catalog copywriting to add value to your business

Catalog writing is a form of business writing aimed at triggering emotional response and igniting sales. Whether you work with big businesses or run a little cozy online shop, a good catalog copy should boost buyer confidence in your company and turn potential buyers into actual satisfied customers. In order to create a catalog that sells, one has to understand the exact reasons why people and businesses buy from catalogs.

Writing a good product description requires specific skills and a lot of effort. Unfortunately, many underestimate the power of unique copy, assuming that a plain text from manufacturer will do. However, there are many reasons why you should use a well-written ecommerce product descriptions in your catalogs.

No Google Penalties

Exclusive product descriptions will ensure that you will not be penalized by Google for stealing copy from other websites.

SEO Benefits

You have more chances to stand out in search results if your content is all but standard and robotic. Naturally, it translates into more traffic.

Better Conversion

One of the popular mistakes in product description writing is focusing on features. However, professionals say that unique approach and showing how a product can make customers happier results into more sales.


‘Spicing up’ your catalogue with a bit of personal touch will help you get a good reputation among customers. They may not buy from you at this point, but may come back later or recommend you to their friends simply because of your intriguing content.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Product
Description Writing Service

  • enhance your search appearance & attract more customers;
  • give extra meaning to your products or services & boost your sales;
  • no strings attached: order when you want, how much you want, without any contractual obligations;
  • easy payment: card or PayPal, it’s your choice;
  • anti-plagiarism inspection is on us.

What Our Clients Say

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Writology writer
No name
Very big thanks to the guy I talked to, I believe, his name was Jared. I had a very specific task and excessively tight time limits. My order was complete right on time and all the requirements were fully considered. I will definitely use your service again!
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Writology writer
Jeremy Swanson
I used to write articles for my commercial website by my self. I found it hard to delegate to someone I don't even know. The text I received was not quite what I had expected; but the deadline and requirements were fully met. Next time I will be more accurate filling in the instructions.
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Writology writer
Deborah Gambles
5 star experience! awesome service every time. absolutely recommend
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Writology writer
No name
I'm a long time user of writology and I always ask for the same writer. I don't wanna know what's behind, but I always get great text. Prices are reasonable. Any discounts for permanent clients?
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Freelance writer
Vernon Moore
Everything went fine. Decent writing for low price. Wanna try Writology service next time and see if there's better quality.
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Freelance writer
Anna Lee
I order on a regular basis and more than happy with what I get each time. The reason I don't put 5 stars is that the writer extended the deadlines a couple of times. That wasn't a big problem to me though.
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Writology writer
Justine Belich
For the money paid I got even more than I expected. My order was delivered a few hours before the deadline which was a big plus. Thank you guys for great service..
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Freelance writer
No name
writer was 1 hour late but paper was good. thanks
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Writology writer
Mira Luch
FANTASTIC CV! The writer did a great job that was worth every dollar spent! I was hesitating what service I should choose as I had writen a cv on my own so I thought I might have needed a rewrite. The agent I talked to in chat adviced using cv writing and I never regret. You are the best!