Book review

What Is a Book Review?

Book review is closely related to book writing, however, it’s not the same. Book review is a critical evaluation of a particular book with the summary of the plot and an analysis of the basic concepts. Writing a book review, one should keep in mind the specific structure and the information one should deliver.

aspects of a book review

There are some particular aspects a writer sold
include in a book review.

  • Book reviews make specific arguments.
  • Each reader can either agree or disagree with the author.
  • The author of a review should clearly state his/her opinion about the discussed work.
  • Book review writing is a commentary, not just a summary. It means that such way of writing involves readers in discussion and dialogue with the author of literary work and with other readers.
  • This statement is similar to academic writing, in terms of the thesis statement, body paragraphs that are supporting it, and the conclusion.
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Author’s Ideas

Writing a book review, an author must express personal opinion with particular argumentation and confirmation of the correctness of the personal opinion. One cannot simply state either likes or dislikes, as each opinion should be supported with the examples. Book reviews help successfully express the message or theme of the book through the personal perspective.

Book Reviews and Book's
Value for Readers

The author should make a balanced argument concerning the book's value for readers. The writer’s main task is to speak out either strong agreement or disagreement with the themes in the book. However, it is important to give a fair treatment. At the same time, the author must never hesitate to challenge an argument, assumption, or approach. Precise language gives a control over the tone of book review writing. The most important thing is to review the actual book writing, not the book someone wished to be written.

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