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Freelance copywriting jobs online

Copywriting is a written text, aimed at advertising a product, business, person, opinion or idea with the purpose to sell it. When a text appears online, it serves as a persuading piece for consumers. Web copywriting is not simply marketing information; it aims at communicating with a customer, at producing the desired emotional response from him/her. The necessity for copywriting services has risen with the increased use of the Internet. The reason is that the Internet has greatly increased job opportunities on the freelance writing jobs market, which now include web content writing, ads, emails, blogs, social media and other forms of online communication. Copywriting is an effective tool for running business.

Professional Copywriting Services

A company is sure to lose much money if it uses the copywriting services of amateurs. Only a professional copywriter can present a top quality piece of information, which can meet the necessary purposes. Basically, copywriter jobs are aimed at creating materials helpful for sales increase. Copywriter usually focuses on creating texts for Internet ads, TV and radio commercials, catalogs, billboards, brochures, postcards, sales letters. In addition, it often appears in social media, in a form of blog posts, tweets, and posts in social networks, like Facebook. It goes without saying, that the best copywriters are freelancers. offers great opportunities for writers seeking for freelance copywriting jobs online.

Copywriting is now one of the most effective ways to transfer a detailed and concise message from the company to its
customers without any misunderstanding. Still, a professional who is looking for a copywriter job should be aware of the following:

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1. Features and benefits of the product are important for writing, not the description of a product itself. Customers need to know why this particular product is important.

2. No one cares about somebody’s personal opinion. So, a copywriter should not overuse “I” pronoun.

3. Choice of words is important. Customers don’t want to see the level of education of a copywriter, who prefers using complicated terminology. The text must be simple.

4. While proofreading about 20-30% of writing should be deleted. A copywriter is sure to delete meaningless parts and wordiness to make a text simple and focused.