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Book writing takes a special place among all jobs online on the freelance writing market. A book refers to the set of printed, written, illustrated, or even blank sheets, which are made of ink, paper, or other materials fastened together and hinged at one side. Each sheet of a book is referred to as a leaf, while each side of such a leaf is referred to as a page. The e-book is a set of illustrated or text-filled pages, which are produced in electronic format.

Stages of Writing a Book

  1. Setting deadlines of book writing
  2. Creating an outline
  3. Proofreading and listening to what you have written
  4. Rewriting of inconsistent parts
  5. Ask somebody to read your book
  6. Offer editing of your work to the professional book writers
  7. Hire an expert for designing the book content and its cover

Book Writing Types

  • Fiction are the books, which are either in-part or even completely untrue. These became more popular due to the increase in literacy, print technology and freelance writing globally. The main purpose of fiction books is entertainment of the public, as well as some allegorical social commentary, which leaves much place for creative writing. Fiction, in turn, may be additionally divided into categories by genre. The most common type of fiction is a novel. In book writing and creative writing, novel refers to the story which typically features a plot, themes, setting, and characters. Narrative and stories are usually not restricted to any particular topic; in such a way, a novel can be serious, whimsical, or controversial. Writing a book – it is extremely tiresome and time-consuming process requiring perfect writing skills.
  • Among the non-fiction books, the reference book is most popular. It accounts for less of creative writing. Instead of telling a story, essay, commentary, it provides information. For example, an almanac lists data and information on various topics; an encyclopedia includes more in-depth articles on lots of topics; a dictionary lists words, their meanings, etymology, and other information; an atlas refers to the collection of maps.
  • Other types of book writing services include albums, which hold a group of items that belong to a certain theme, such as a set of card collections, photographs, and memorabilia. Such a great variety proves that it is one of the core elements of the freelance writing and there are lots of jobs online for people who wish to write a book.

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