Editing, proofreading, and copy editing jobs: apply your writing taste!

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Some people would argue that editing, proofreading, and copyediting is an easy way to earn good money! If I haven’t tried doing these jobs, I would certainly agree with them. But, now I know, how far mistaken I was! Editing, especially copyediting (CE), is hard work that requires excellent knowledge, high concentration and sophisticated writing style! Nobody is interested to read the boring text, and it is a task of the editor to make the content perfect! Perfect look, perfect sound, and perfect taste! It is not that simple! But it is a great possibility to engage in “work at home” editing and proofreading jobs and enjoy your time! So, what are the main benefits of “at home” proofreading and copyediting jobs? Here is the list of some noteworthy advantages while the most “less but not the least” benefits are left behind the scenes:

  1. When you do freelance copyediting jobs from home, you are not tied to any specific schedule. It is so nice to enjoy sunny morning coffee at home while all of your friends are fighting the heavy traffic on the way to the office! You are lucky to celebrate this unique feeling of being special! Good mood, no hurry, and no worries! You are the king of your day!

  2. Part time online proofreading jobs from home allow you to earn additional income. This is a winning solution for educated mothers on leave, students, people who work part-time, etc. You have a chance to get paid to proofread online without investing in commuting costs, professional outfit, time to get to your job, and rent space (if you are the private entrepreneur). The excellent possibility to avoid all these costs makes remote editing and proofreading jobs an essential source of additional income!

  3. Entry level proofreading jobs online form an excellent basis for your professional experience. No one is born experienced and trained. Every task requires investigation, practice, and efforts. Thus, when you decide to take the several entry level proofreading jobs, you will have a good chance to practice and broaden your professional experience.

  4. Proofreading and editing online allow partaking in several projects at a time. Thus, you as an employee diversify the risks of late payment, lack of workload and other associated problems. Working at several platforms adds to your experience, allows making new professional nets and diversify work-associated risks!

  5. Taxes matter! Most freelance proofreading jobs online allow minimizing taxes. We do not suggest evading! But there are fine options to minimize your expenses!

  6. Performing remote proofreading jobs you have a chance to reside in any place. You are not tied to a certain area. You have a chance to travel and enjoy your life on a full swing!

Once again, I agree that copyediting, editing, and proofreading jobs are not the easiest way to earn money! The person has to be familiar with citation styles, be proficient in the thinnest moments of language, and have good taste! Nevertheless, copyeditor does not have to “make-up” the full story as the writer does. Taking into account the fact, that modern grammar correcting and proofreading software allows polishing the text of any type and complexity level, copyediting and proofreading services become more and more acceptable job for ordinary people. The next question is: How can I find the copyediting or proofreading jobs online?

You can find numerous websites that serve as a platform for individual writers, proofreaders, and editors. One has to sign up, create the professional profile, and provide the work-samples. Customers post jobs. At some websites, customers choose among those editors, who bid the project. At others, editors have a primary right to choose the work. The terms and conditions may vary. It is important to check the reliability of the website in order to avoid scammers. As you primary goal is to get paid to edit, you need to find a website that offers some payment guarantees.

Choose Writology – the most reliable and convenient writing platform!

writology editing proofreading copyediting jobWritology is a reliable platform for both a customer and a copy editor for hire! The website is run by a company that provides guarantees to both parties. You can sign up for free, try and make sure that Writology is a professional and reliable company to work with. Our main benefits for the proofreaders and editors are:

  1. You have the 100% payment guarantee. Our customers pay ahead to our account. You start working on the project only when the payment is confirmed. Of course, you receive money when the customer approves your work. Thus, writology.com serves as an insurance-pillow for both the editor and the customer.

  2. You have a constant workload. We have enough customers and orders to supply you with the non-stop work. Thus, you do not need to surf the web in search of the job. The job is here at our proofreading jobs freelance website!

  3. We are a serious company who cares about reputation. So, we deal on fair terms. Your salary is paid once a month without any delays.

  4. We have convenient payment system – you receive your salary directly to your PayPal account. So, you can work from any country, and you definitely will get your payment.

  5. We supply our editors and proofreaders with the professional plagiarism checker, so you do not need to make any investments to start working!

In return, we expect fruitful co-operation, no delays, and high-quality work! Register at writology.com – edit, copyedit and proofread from home! The job is waiting for you right away!