Marketing Benefits of Using the Services of Professional Copywriters for Websites and Catalogs

content writing serviceBeing a challenging and time-consuming process, running a business implies plenty of demands, risks and tasks to accomplish. Website and catalog copywriting are the tasks which require the services of an expert in this field. It is high time for you to approach the reputable professional network of copywriters and hire those who have sufficient expertise and knowledge. Please note that the copywriting fees may vary in accordance with the following factors:

  • specialized skills;
  • location of the copywriters;
  • expertise;
  • status of the customer (e.g. a first-time client with a number of discounts).

Why Should You Hire a Professional Tech Writer?

  1. To have one fewer task to do by yourself and obtain real benefits.
  2. To have the writing speed of business-oriented content increased.
  3. To have well-written technical SEO website copies.
  4. To get a cleat technical copy in case you need it.
  5. Not to pay to a full-time worker if there is no copywriting to do.
  6. Pay a fair rate for a well-done job applying the price by the word, hour or day.

You need a copywriter with technical writing skills to help your customers get the technical data from the catalogs, brochures or websites. Thus, you will ensure that the dry facts will look persuasive and serve as a marketing tool that will sell your technology to the target group of customers.

Watch out not to Hire Unethical Website or Catalog Copywriter!

Plenty of copywriters with excellent technical writing skills work with full integrity and diligence; however, you should be careful not to hire those who want to make hay not in an ethical way. Here is the list of warning bells or phrases that should make you think twice before you make up your mind to start cooperation.

  1. “I can quote only after I see the whole project.”
  2. “My degree in literature is an evidence of my skills and expertise.”
  3. “Tell me your budget and I will quote my work.”
  4. “My quote is high as the task is too time-consuming.”
  5. “I can do the job only if you pay extra for urgency.”
  6. “Trust me because I am good.”
  7. “My task is just to make a good copy.”

What is Catalog Copywriting?

catalog content writingCatalog copywriting is a challenge as it requires practice, expertise and concentration on the task to accomplish. A professional copywriter is supposed to analyze the preferences of the audience, evaluate the possibilities of the limited space of a catalog and ensure matching of those preferences with the tone of writing and content. Thus, a catalog copy can be referred to as perfectly-written if the following requirements are met:

– There is strong appeal to the specific target audience.

A catalog always has to be oriented at those who are likely to buy something from it. For instance, providing descriptions for IT industry, a tech writer does not appeal to the owners of food stores or automotive business. They focus on capturing the attention to the specific benefits that appeal to the specific audience.

– Emphasis on the product benefits.

It is essential to show to the reader that the purchased product is going to improve the quality of their life and solve the problems they have. Reading through the catalog, a potential buyer is supposed to feel that their interests are the top priority.

– No repetitions.

All the repetitive parts and redundancies are to be removed to save the space for useful information. A clear picture can be better than a long paragraph of descriptions.

– A catalog copywriter has to strike the happy medium between redundancies and providing full coherent details regarding the products. The ability to accomplish this tricky task distinguishes a skilful expert in the field of copywriting.

Add value to your website or catalog using the services of a professional website and catalog copywriter and increase the productivity of your business immediately!