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​The freelance writing profession has immensely grown over the last couple of years. The number of freelance writing jobs has increased, and a lot of new freelance writers are starting their practice daily. However, the major problem facing this profession is the legitimacy of the various companies that the new and experienced freelance writers can become affiliated to. Today, many fraudulent companies have emerged that prey on the hard work of freelance writers. These companies are often unwilling to pay writers for their services. Additionally, they place tight policies that deny writers of their hard earned money for minor mistakes. In short, they swindle writers of their money and exploit their labor. Fortunately, Writology exists to uphold and further the standards of the freelance writing profession. We offer opportunities for growth and development of freelance writers and reward them appropriately. We take pride in giving writers a chance to sell their original texts on our platform. Therefore, if you are looking for places to write online; a place to write articles for money; or a place to submit articles online for money, is the right place for you. Here, you can join us, submit your articles, and get paid in a safe manner.

Unlike many freelance organizations that do not define their writers’ roles, responsibilities and what is expected of them, Writology ensures that our writers know their roles and responsibilities and our expectations of their work. We require that our writers employ the writing standards that are in line with those of various academic institutions. Fortunately, we also have a team of qualified editors to proofread documents submitted by our writers and guide the writers on areas that need corrections on request. Through these activities, we can facilitate the professional growth and development of our writers instead of victimizing them. These approaches make us one of the best places to write online.

Additionally, unlike many freelance writing organizations that discriminate freelance writers based on nationality, we offer equal job opportunities for everyone. Our organization is open to cooperation with any willing freelance writer regardless of nationality, sex, race, ethnicity, ableism, sexual orientation, and religion. We adhere to all federal and state laws that protect against discrimination. Moreover, we believe that professionalism requires that we uphold the standards of non-discrimination. We equally value all our writers, and we ensure that they all receive fair treatment. We strive to train and retain our writers in order to build and foster a relationship of trust and faith in the company. Therefore, do not worry about where you can submit your articles online for money because we are the best website to sell articles to or to cooperate with.

sell articlesWhen we say you can sell articles at fair prices, we do mean it. In our efforts to promote the freelance writing profession, we always ensure that our writers receive competitive payments for their articles. We acknowledge that the freelance writing profession is similar to any other profession. We know that our writers depend on freelance writing to help them meet their needs, lifestyle, and deadlines. We know that in order to motivate our writers we should ensure that they earn value for their work. Therefore, we make the best payments, in the industry, for articles. So, the next time you ask somebody, “where can I post my writing online?” or “where can I sell my writing online?” or “where can I submit my writing for money?”, remember Writology. Through us, you are sure of earning money by writing articles online.

Maybe you have never heard of us, and you may be having some reserved doubts and suspicions about us. Do not worry. We are not new to the freelance writing industry. We have been in the industry for 8 years. Through these years, we have worked cooperatively with a team of motivated writers on grounds of mutual benefits. Our writers have supplied us with quality articles and we have paid them fairly. Our writers have grown both professionally and economically. Most of them attest to mutually beneficial cooperation. On the other hand, we have also undoubtedly reaped the benefits of mutual respect that we have maintained with our writers over the years. We have seen our support team triple in the last three years. We have achieved a steady development thanks to a clear path of communication with our writers (which has built their confidence in us); paying for our writers’ articles as agreed; only using our writers’ articles after making the final payment to them, and promptly responding to our writers’ concerns. Therefore, if you are looking for an organization that is stable, we guarantee you the stability that you desire and deserve. When you think of how to sell your writing or where to submit articles online for payment, kindly contact our reputable organization by visiting our website at

Remember, Writology offers opportunities for growth and development of its freelance writers. We also value all our writers and pay them fairly for their job. Therefore, the next time you think about how and where you “want to sell articles”, place your preference with Writology. Join us by visiting our website, so that you can be able to submit your article online for money. This will also enable customers to buy your articles at fair prices. Join our team, let us grow and develop together professionally and economically.