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I became a writer since creating stories is my biggest passion. I started my writing experience at the University of Oxford, where I got my BA in English Literature. My affection for literature started from debates over the works of Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Milton. As a student, I was guided and surrounded by outstanding professors and groupmates. We all shared this love of literature only we could understand and share. During my studies, I got engaged in writing, and I was excited by producing stories that could inspire my colleagues, so in a few years, I applied for a Creative Writing program at the University of Iowa. This experience improved my knowledge and writing skills and only made my devotion to literature and writing stronger. My path brought me to mentoring and teaching young students, and I shared my knowledge and aspiration with them. Now, I decided to share it with you and make your academic path easier.

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William S. December 11, 2022

Medical professionals know the importance of notes nurses leave to track down the path of a patient. Before students even begin to practice writing these notes, they learn various types of medical documentation, what they need to include in them,…

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