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Editing involves correction, organization, condensation, and similar modifications made with the purpose to produce an accurate, correct, consistent, and complete work. Nowadays, there are plenty of online paper editing jobs that are related to writing. Online editing services imply reviewing some written material, which means not just proofreading, but preparing it for publication or presentation, though it is not as sophisticated as rewriting and may be done through revising, correcting, or adapting.

purpose of editing

What Is the Purpose of Online Text Editing Services?

  • Text editors may prepare an edition of some material for publication
  • Editors can adapt or modify a text in order to make the material acceptable and/ or suitable
  • Editors can assemble the components of the material by splicing and/ or cutting the information
  • Text editors can eliminate and/ or delete some parts.

technical online editing services

Essentials of Paper Editing: skills for becoming text editor

  • Reviewing of the text
  • Identifying mistakes
  • Ensuring that it adheres to a style guide, as well as its proofreading, but not rewriting
  • The correction of grammar and spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation, inconsistency, poor sentence structure, wrong scientific terms
  • Disparities in significant figures
  • Statements, which are in conflict with general scientific knowledge
  • Wrong dimensions and units
  • Technical ambivalence and/or disambiguation
  • Correction of synopsis, content, headings and subheadings, index
  • Correcting chart presentation and data, as well as correcting mistakes in citations.

Each editor has to possess basic skills, which are necessary for delivery of quality online editing services, especially when referring to virtual online text editing jobs.

These include:

  • ability to stay focused while proofreading and working on texts on complex topics
  • attention to details
  • demonstrating tact and patience when dealing with writers who work on the orders online
  • excellent communication skills

In editing, it is important for an editor to be familiar with the subject of the work. Many jobs online require from the text editor technical knowledge of a product or technology discussed in the work. is ready to assist you with any editing services of your choice. Also, we can provide you with editing of the whole paper in a top quality manner.