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Medical Writing Services

Freelance medical writing refers to composition of scientific papers by a freelancer, who is specialized in this field. He/she, as a rule, is not necessarily the doctor or scientist who conducted a research. In scientific articles writing, an author co-operates with physicians, scientists and other experts. Therefore, scientific writing is more sophisticated. Professional medical writer services deal with creation of various papers, which in concise and efficient manner reveal product use, different research outcomes, surveys, and other medical data. In addition, it is crucial to ensure that the documents adhere to regulatory, journal or other requirements in terms of content, format and structure in technology articles.

Freelance Medical Writing

Medical writing jobs are of great demand in the pharmaceutical world. It became obvious, that production of well-crafted documents in the sphere of science articles writing which convey information clearly and concisely requires special skills and thorough knowledge.

In addition, there is an increase in the number of new medicines, which undergo extremely complicated processes and stages of regulatory researches and clinical tests resulting in market consent. This, in turn, raises a demand for technology articles as well as precise, perfectly tailored documents that science and medical experts may easily and quickly read and understand. Medical writing services for the pharmaceutical industry are quite different from general scientific writing.

regulatory medical writing

Regulatory writing refers to creation of the documents that are required by regulatory agencies for the confirmation of the tools, devices, medicines and substances. Such documents are as a rule composed according to the general template and may be huge. Therefore, this leaves much space for professional freelance medical writing services. Examples are patient informed consent forms, clinical study summaries, reports, clinical study protocols and researcher digests which summarize the information accumulated by a company during the development of a medical product. Medical writers are obliged to be familiar with complex medical terminology and possess thorough knowledge of the subject they are writing about.

Educational medical writing includes writing documents about medicines, devices and biologics for wide or limited audiences, like health care experts. Examples are sales literature for new medicines, medical journal articles, data presentations for medical conferences, and vast materials and programs for continuing education. On our online platform we offer well paid medical writing jobs to experienced writers in the medical and pharmaceutical spheres.

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