Why Writers Use Anchor Charts

Why Writers Use Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are vital tools to enable writers illustrate their ideas. When brainstorming for writing, writers can use anchor charts to make their ideas visible. Thus, recording of brainstormed ideas, the strategies employed, cues and processes that the writer uses, are organized and made presentable through anchor charts.

It is germane to state that anchor charts aid the learning process of elementary students. Teachers are advised to make their teaching visible to pupils. Hence, anchor charts help them to achieve this aim.

Another reason why writers use anchor charts is that they stay as a reminder of what is to be written and also support the collection of writing materials. Furthermore, anchor charts give vital information of the summary of a writer’s report.

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Types of anchor charts and how writers apply them

There are different types of anchor charts. The most common ones are the strategy charts, content charts and genre charts.

The strategy anchor charts are used by writers to incorporate ideas and points that they want to communicate. This type of charts explains why, when and how the application of strategy is done.

The content anchor charts are utilized to record important and interesting information which readers tend to discover as they read. This also reflects how one’s thinking has evolved and modified.

The genre content charts focus on a particular genre and capture the thought of what is learnt from them in writing.

How the usage of anchor charts can be made more effective

Effective writing using anchor charts must make use of the following:

  • Must have a centralized focus. In this case the writer must have a single focal point from which the anchor strategy used is based upon.

  • The anchor charts must be properly organized in the way the charts appear in the writing structure.

  • To improve writing techniques, writers should use anchor charts they are familiar with.

  • Writers should make anchor charts conspicuously positioned in their reports where readers can catch quick view.

Other germane tasks Anchor charts can be adopted for

Anchor charts are also used to give definitions to concepts, terms and writing strategies, so this is one more important reason why writers use anchor charts, other than to develop effective writing.

Furthermore, anchor charts are used to review processes, operations and to analyse strategies.

Anchor charts are also used by writers to solve problems. Analysing solutions to problems using anchor charts make a better understanding of the sequence in which the solutions are implemented to find answers to the problem.

The writer can also use the tool to make connection between the new content and what has already been written.

For good brainstorming for writing, anchor charts make the thinking process visible. In addition, the thinking and brainstorming exercise is made more concrete with their help.

Basic rules to observe when using anchor charts

Anchor charts as a tool for brainstorming for writing should observe the following rules:

  • Should be colourful and attractive.

  • Anchor charts should be written in academic language.

  • The chart should be clear and easily understood when seen.

  • The writer should frequently refer to it.

Thus, the different types of anchor charts; strategy, content and genre further show when and how charts can be utilized to enhance writing. Basic rules should be followed in order to make the writing techniques of using anchor charts more effective.

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