How and where to get unique content for your website

Created: September 27, 2016
How and where to get unique content for your website

Run out of the original ideas for your website? Oh! Don’t worry! It is not a time to close your website! Everyone once in a while may face a “creative” crisis with the lack of motivation and inspiration. Maybe it is autumn on the way, and you just fade with the fading colors of the leaving summer…Or maybe you just aren’t in a good mood today? Well, it happens, but if you run out of time? Thousands of visitors expect to open your website and read something innovative, exciting, amusing, or just informative. Copy-paste? Oh no, this will let you down! You need the unique ideas instead of pre written content! You will ask, why? Here are some answers:

unique content

  1. The pre written content will just copy the existing information. And if your website is not that powerful, the content will be lost in the search engine list. Nobody will identify the particular message with your website as soon as more powerful websites containing the same content will show up “higher” in the search-list.
  2. The ready-made material will not reflect the SEO requirements of your website. In other words, it is not customized to your unique needs.
  3. If you need just to “buy and sell content”, you will not be satisfied with the end result. Who would be interested in buying the article from you if it has been already posted by other authors?
  4. Personally, I am very selective about the web content. If I happen to meet the articles from my favorite website as a primary source elsewhere, I feel disappointed. This website goes to the “scam folder” and is never visited again. I do not like scammers!
  5. Original content boosts social media promotion. People like unique ideas! They will “like and share” the articles associated with your name. And, believe me, social media is a very powerful tool! It is your responsibility and need (rather than pleasure) to promote advertisement campaign in social networks. The word of mouth is a very effective promotion tool!

We can share another dozen of answers why you need to get quality content written exceptionally for your needs that is carefully crafted and is original! But, we think these five reasons are enough to convince that you need to get the unique blog content for website. The following question is: “Where and how to get unique content for your website?” The content writing marketplace offers several types of options. Let’s discuss the features of each option in order to give the brief idea of the existing custom writing market. If you are seeking for to buy unique web content articles, you have two big options which are represented by thousands of writers and companies.

The first choice is to find a good freelance writer, but a freelance writer is not a legal entity. It is a contractor who works on your terms as an individual. Moreover, you can negotiate terms and conditions of writing, prices, deadlines and other features of the services. Usually, freelance writers are registered at freelance writing websites and have profiles with sample works. This means you can evaluate the quality of the web content to buy, style of the author, and decide whether you like it or not. There are hundreds of freelance writers, native and foreigners. You have a really abundant choice here! But be cautious! There are also some drawbacks in work with freelance writers. The main disadvantage is the lack of guarantees. When you deal with a person, you depend on individual circumstances. A freelance writer may be late, may deliver low-quality or plagiarized content. In other words, the relationship with the freelancer is not secured whatsoever. It is your own risk!

The second place where to buy quality content online is using the blog article writing service. The advantages of writing companies are obvious. When you purchase content for a website from a company, you are equipped with a number of guarantees. First, you get the unique blog content for website. Most companies have strict plagiarism policy. They do not joke with copy-pasted content as they do not want to jeopardize their reputation. Second, you may buy content articles in unlimited quantities. And all of them will be written according up to your specific requirements and deadlines. Companies employ several writers so they can process the heavier workload at a time. The same principle works with the urgent orders. Companies usually offer the rush content for sale because even the multiple-page paper could be divided among several writers. In addition, most writing services offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that a customer can request a free revision if not satisfied with the quality of the content. Companies usually employ native writers and equip writers with professional editing and grammar check software. So, the quality of the content is really safeguarded. However, there is also a downside in working with companies: the services are expensive. The price per page may differ significantly. And, sometimes, it is reasonable to deal with the freelancer instead of paying such a high premium to a company.

Nonetheless, we can offer a viable solution to your situation which is really a golden mean between the individual freelance writers and custom writing services. Our content writing marketplace,, offers the “three-in-one” option. Here you can buy articles for website content from verified freelancers, companies or even buy content articles for sale on various topics. Our pre-written articles are sold to exceptionally to one client. The only issue is that they are not SEO-customized to your needs. But, it is a matter of taste and money. Pre-written articles are cheaper than the work of the freelancers. The articles from companies are just expensive. You are free to choose among three winning options! And the good news here is that all three choices equip you with the unique content. So, you avoid the risk of unprofessional or plagiarized content. You just have to decide among three pricing levels. is a convenient and flexible website that takes into account the needs and possibilities of each and every customer!

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