Modern SEO is an appeal to a reader!

Modern SEO is an appeal to a reader!

A persuasive essay is the type of writing used to convince the reader of a validity of one’s idea. The main idea of the writing is to present the strong argumentation that will convince the reader. It is not enough to say that your point of view is good. You need to provide the authoritative examples, confirmations, research findings and statistical data to support your point. Moreover, you have to mention the contradictory view and explain why this point is irrelevant. The best way to deal with the controversial idea is to show that this concept is outdated or improperly researched. A persuasive essay should consist of the introduction, at least, three body paragraphs (two of them discussing two arguments in favor of the main idea and one presenting contradictory point), and the conclusion that restates the thesis statement and concisely presents the key findings of the developed piece of writing. If you need a persuasive essay help, our example of persuasive essay may be very useful to you as it follows the simplest persuasive essay structure that may be applied to any topic.

Persuasive essay sample: Writing good web content means targeting people’s needs!

Every blogger and article writer has once faced questions like “What is web content writing?” and “What is SEO writing?” The idea behind the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to produce the text that scores high in the search engines (Google, Bing) and appears higher in the search list. Most SEO writing tips concentrate on keyword writing and explain how to incorporate the needed phrases in the text. However, this article will show that SEO and content writing should target people rather than artificial search engines.

The proponents of the “silly” keyword writing will argue that the main ideas of SEO content writing guidelines are based on the technical features of engines. Thus, search engines show the pages that contain a certain number of certain words and phrases (keywords). So, it turns out, no matter the quality of the text, the aim is to include the correct number of keywords in the correct order. Well, those seo content writing tips worked a while ago. Today, the technological features of search engines have been improved. In the modern web content writing, best practices should target two things – relevance and authority.

The most innovative web content writing tips suggest that the primary aim of the text is to win the loyalty and attention of the customers (the audience). The authority of article is evaluated by Google when people (NOT search engines!) promote the article by linking it, sharing with friends, commenting on the text and giving positive marks and reviews. People use social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to rate the text. The thoughts of people are used as the key indicator of the quality, reliability and authority of the text. Therefore, in order to score high and end up with the best seo article, writing services or writers need to offer compelling, interesting, up-to-date and high-quality text. Otherwise, the content would not be promoted resulting in low scores at Google engine search.

Another significant measure is the relevance. Modern SEO friendly content writing tips tell that the relevance of the text is based on the keywords that are most often used by the users. These users are definitely people who enter some phrases into the search line. So, even when we assume that article writing tips for SEO still rely on the keywords, we have to think of people who stand behind those keywords. Thus, when you are writing blogs for SEO, you have to think of the words that are interesting to the audience. SEO article writing tips suggest that the words should be relevant to the target audience and timeframe. Thus, relevance is inseparably connected with the human factor.

While some bloggers consider an “empty”-content keyword writing being among the writing-for-the-web-best-practices, the technological aspect of the Google and Bing search engines refutes this idea. Modern writing for the web tips are based on the peculiarities of search engine work and include two factors – authority and relevance. Both factors rely heavily on the tastes, credentials, reviews and attitudes of people. Users share the links via social media and platforms, rank the text, and give reviews and comments. This information is used by search engines to rank the articles. Thus, the writers have to address the needs, wants and views of the audience with the quality content in order to receive the SEO optimized web pages and blogs.

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