What to do to Become a Successful Writer?

Created: February 19, 2014
What to do to Become a Successful Writer?

Whatever we choose to do in our lives, we want to be successful. Whether a doctor or a mechanic, everyone strives for recognition and realization of dreams. Life shows, however, that not everyone’s work gets widely acknowledged. This is because in order to become successful being good at what you do is not enough; it is essential to be better than others. Being a writer, you compete with thousands of talented people out there, each of whom has something unique to offer the world. You also have to be better today than you were yesterday, living up to and exceeding expectations. It is not easy to produce fresh ideas day by day, considering the risk of professional burnout. Fortunately, we don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges. Therefore, here are some tips from us on how to increase your productivity and reach success as a writer.

1. Define What Success Is For You Personally

A goal without a plan is just a wish” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery). Success can never be visionary, otherwise it’s just an illusion. It is not helpful simply wishing to be acknowledged. You need to honestly answer a question “What do I want to achieve exactly?” How many copies of your book do you want to sell? How many visitors expect to see at a book launch party? Or maybe you want your blog to receive 10000 visitors daily? Such approach will help you evaluate your current skills critically and take first steps into right direction.

2. Find Your Master

Regardless of what you do, there will always be people in your niche who are an embodiment of success for you. These people are meant to be your mentors. Let’s go back in time and remember the times when you were just starting to write. Who was that writer whose style was so exquisite that you couldn’t help but learn all his poems by heart? Whose stories were keeping you awake at night and whose words can never be wiped away from your memory? In fact, those people prompted you to start writing and, most possibly, influenced your style. Analyze the feelings that arise in you when you read your favorite works and let those sensations guide you. Know that your readers should feel the same kind of excitement when your words touch their souls. Do not blindly copy the style, however, remember to always stay true to yourself and listen to your inner self.

3. Write With Your Audience In Mind

write with your audience in mind

Any kind of writing is meant to be read, so it is wise to identify your target audience and always keep in mind who you are writing for. Do not write thousands of words simply for filling up the space. If it does not get through to your readers, your work will be wasted. What is an average age of your audience? Do you write for women or men primarily? Do they have anything in common? All this will help to build your vocabulary and create striking images. If you write about motorbikes, for example, do your research and learn how to describe specific parts from professional forums and magazines. Rent a motorbike and go for a ride. Pay attention to your feelings and emotions, as it will help you to understand what your readers feel. Being armed with that knowledge, you’ll be able to craft the best pieces of writing ever.

4. Keep Your Body And Mind Healthy

keep your body and mind healthy

It is important to realize that how you feel physically influences your inner world greatly. Therefore, dedicate several minutes daily for yoga, exercising, riding a bike, or swimming. Not only will it recharge your physical batteries, but also free your mind from unnecessary thoughts and maybe even serve as an inspiration. And we all know how important it is for a writer to never lose that creative spark. Do something that has a soothing and relaxing effect on your mind as well. It can be a daily walk with your dog or an unusual hobby, bottom line is it makes you happy. And a happy writer is a successful writer.

5. Just Write

Be merciful to yourself and don’t expect every freshly written sentence to be genius. Before even starting to write it is advised to use a brainstorming technique. While actually thinking about what exactly to write, it might be helpful to write down any idea that comes to mind, even if it seems strange and awkward. In fact, the idea which seems not-so-good at first sight may lead to the idea that will help to reach success, and this is a proven fact. Therefore, it is advised to first think about the correct structure and then base your writing on it.

Prior to completing the written work, a writer is advised to get through the first draft. The first draft helps you to get the shape of your work. A successful writer must build up an ability to concentrate and get his work done. It takes much effort to sit down, gather your thoughts, and express them on paper; therefore, any writer has to have a strong will power and self control. If you don’t have such inborn traits, you can develop them with time.

6. Don’t Shy Away From Feedbacks

Don't Shy Away From Feedbacks

To continue, successful writers often seek feedback. People are almost always right when they say that something is wrong or doesn’t work. It is not always possible to analyze and assess your own work, therefore find an editor or a proofreader to check your writing and evaluate it from their perspective. Many successful writers, by the way, claim that their best editors and very first readers were wives, husbands or good friends. In any case, it should be someone you can trust and rely on, somebody to inspire you and encourage your personal growth.

7. Share Your Art With The World

social media icons

You write in order for somebody to read, correct? Therefore, reach out to people and start sharing your work with others. Internet can help you a lot here. Start from working on your professional social media pages, actively participate in discussions, let your face be seen and your name be heard. If success for you means good earnings and writing is your job, try guest posting for your favorite bloggers. Ask for help and advice, make new friends, attend professional events. You’ll be surprised how big and full of opportunities the world is!

A writer needs to find a golden mean to become successful. Writer’s talent, skills, experience, and techniques combined together will help you to achieve the desired outcome and make readers interested in what you have to offer. Just remember that winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. If you have chosen this path, be sure to follow it to the very end and success will find you!

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