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4 Tips to Put Your Essay Ideas Together

Created: June 25th, 2014 (11:45)
4 Tips to Put Your Essay Ideas Together

The reason is that brainstorming and all the excitement eventually wears off, leaving many freelance writers without a clear understanding of how to fit it all together. There are several strategies for putting your ideas together and write an excellent essay. These include idea mapping, coming up with specific thesis, creating an outline and using effective transitions.

Mapping Out Key Ideas

After you’re done with brainstorming, you’ve got a number of ideas for your essay writing. At this point of time, your main task is to find relationships between these ideas and organize them well. The most convenient way to do this is “mapping” your ideas in a flow chart, Venn diagram, or bubble map.

Mapping refers to finding a particular way to produce a visual demonstration how your ideas are related to each other. Once you’re done with this stage,  you can start putting the ideas together into an essay. Better to do it piece by piece, this way, it’ll be easier to determine which ideas do not really fit into the scheme, and in such a way, focus on what’s most important.

Come Up With Your Thesis

Another strategy for making your ideas fit into the essay is to determine its type. You can do this by making a thesis statement in the first draft. It is better to come up with a thesis statement at the early stage in order to organize your paper in the best possible way. In such a way, the structure depends on what is it you are writing and discussing – is it a simple narrative, a compare and contrast essay, or is your purpose to persuade the readers in your point.

Write an Outline

Outlines are really helpful in ensuring you have relevant and sufficient arguments concerning your points. Moreover, outline allows you to stay on track while working on your essay. In general, introduction ideas come first, followed by a thesis statement at the top of the page. All the main points are normally listed with Roman numerals. Sub-points are then listed with capital letters, while Arabic numerals are used for further details. This is one of the greatest ways to plan your essay.

Don’t Forget About Transitions

After you’re done with the first draft, your essay may appear kind of disorganized. Considering that you’ve been following your outline all over, you might be lack of transitions between your ideas. There are plenty of transition words you can and should use like “initially,” “for example,” and “in consequence” which will make your word flow smooth and easy for readers.

Hope, this article was helpful for you! Good luck with your essay!

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