A Review About the Concern of Life

A Review About the Concern of Life
The French have always used their paradoxes to explain or un-explain the things that shroud life in mystery.

One paradox that grips my own life is the saying, “Life Gets Better – When You Do”

The reason I believe that this is a paradox is due to the fact that Life takes all of the care it can get, right?

Until then, no one can have a livable life, independently, on their own. Think of a newborn becoming a baby, becoming a toddler, becoming a small child, and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should feel sorry for ourselves. Life is a Miracle and the Universe is in control of it all.

However, solving the problems upsetting life from moving on, or improving enough to live independently & prosperously can prove challenging.

Meaning, if you want something, anything…, be on your way to seizing up the day, to make yourself comfortable, so that life’s bounty can unload itself on your lap, making you’re going smoother and a lot lighter. Even if this entails sitting silently and wishing for things to change (out loud or externally)!

What could be wrong with that? “Life is spiritual after all, correct?”

In the end, it’s good to do things that you have dreamt about, even if your beginnings are small.

It’s also nice to become well-meaning enough never to hate your roots no matter how small or insignificant they were.

Life moves on…Begin treating yourself better as soon as possible or at least pretend.

Because one day, life will not be able to keep us inside of its earthly atmosphere…No matter how inspiring or rewarding life has been, living at the heart of a dream.

My Advice:
Stay sane, inside of it all!

You will if life is important to you and the ones and things you love stay special and beautiful to you, and especially if your own life desires peace, love, and the abundance of the globe at every turn to the great beyond!

Your Friend & Creative
Hope Allen

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