Blog Post in 20 min? The Easiest Task Ever!

Blog Post in 20 min? The Easiest Task Ever!

Find Your Optimal Environment

It’s a proven fact that the bases of effective work is productivity, just as the fact that productivity is impossible without practice. The interesting thing about discovering your optimal work routine is that it differs from one person to another; the one-size-fits-all does not simply bring the joy of success to everybody. That is why, it’s so important to be aware about your personal limitations and capabilities in order to build your work habits around those.

Start with discovering your optimal environment. Can you handle some background noises or you can only work in silence? Can you work eight hours without a break or you need a pause every 20 minutes? The most important thing is to be honest with yourself. For example, you may truly believe that you can write with episodes of your favorive TV series in the background, but when you compare your writing with the TV blaring to your writing in silence you might well discover some painful truths about your personal productivity level. Do your best to determine what’s the optimal environment for you and stick to this choice.

Once you understand which circumstances result in most productivity, develop a schedule. Our body is programmed to work in cycles, both physically and mentally. You will benefit from sticking to a regular schedule and planning your activities around it, until it will develp into a natural pattern.

Discover Your Creative Workflow

Now that you understand what influences your productivity most, you may pay attention to your actual creative workflow. Even when you get a good sleep and eat healthy, your mind can still refuse to function appropriately, so you are unable to come up with some bright ideas.

In order to produce a quick, yet quality blog post, it’s essential to plann it ahead of time. Whenever an idea comes to your mind, make sure to write it down, either in a notebook or your phone. It’s true that inspiration strikes when least expected, and never when wanted, so by capturing such moments you ensure to produce high quality content later on.

Once the creative idea is captured, start collecting supporting materials and develop it. The promary goal of 20-minutes blog posts is not to produce average content for its own sake, but to take some important concepts and deliver them in an effective and efficient manner.

Utilize The Right Format

Using the most efficient, web-optimized format helps to increase the speed and effectiveness of your writing. What most readers are looking for is bullet points and quick pieces of information that are easily digestible.

It is a proven fact that posts containing bullet points and numbered lists improve writing and communication efficiency. It helps to break the information into short and understandable pieces, so there is no the need for challenging transitions between paragraphs.The lenght of your post also plays a role, around 500 words will be just right to present information in an efficient manner.

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