Gender Essay Topics: How to Ensure Successful Writing?

Gender Essay Topics: How to Ensure Successful Writing

Gender Topic Definition

The topic of gender equality, and particularly the area of gender studies, is becoming more and more popular in the current times. All over the world, people and the media discuss this issue and all the concerns around it. Some people mistakenly conclude that gender topics have to deal more with women and their rights, but in reality they relate to men, women, and representatives of LGBTQ community. Gender topics intend to reveal the position of different genders in the society and how they interact. Besides, one of the central topics deals with their access to resources, changes, policies, and other interventions.

What You Need to Know about an Essay on Gender

The issue of inequality of sexes has been long discussed within different historical, cultural, and ethnic settings. It has been one of the dire social issues that impacted virtually every family. Nowadays, the focus has shifted to the direction of the concept of gender. So, gender essay topics are commonly assigned to students in a variety of academic disciplines: psychology, sociology, philosophy, gender studies, and others.

When you write an argumentative paper about genders and their (in)equality, you should come up with a strong and clear thesis statement that highlights your opinion and then support it with evidence derived from credible and peer-reviewed sources. Still, the very first step is to choose an effective topic, which should be neither too broad nor too narrow to investigate. If you don’t receive a specific topic from your professor, you should certainly choose a topic on your own and base your choice on your interests and passions within this subject area.

Gender equality is a burning issue, so it is essential to consider different aspects of the problem and various perspectives. Gender equality topics enable students to develop critical and analytical thinking skills, formulate strong statements and arguments, and master literature review writing. If you lack ideas what gender essay topic to choose, read on the article. We hope you will find valuable ideas for your papers provided by professionals from the best custom writing service.

Reasons to Learn More about Gender Topics

People who refuse to investigate the topic in detail still consider that the concept of gender inequality is merely topical for feminists who are over-concerned about women’s oppression. Some people even think that gender studies provoke people to hate men, thus widening the gap towards diversity.

In reality, gender studies highlight the basic patterns of how the society functions, how stereotypes are formed and grounded, and why it happens that some groups of people are regarded to be more privileged than others. A great amount of attention is given to minority groups and the issues connected with them.

If you are taking a course on gender studies, you will have to deal with some acute problems within the field. So, when choosing the given options, make sure you are driven by your interests and passions. To make the task of picking a paper theme easier for you, we have come up with a list of topics you can choose from. Just read on to learn possible topics and how to succeed in writing on them.

How to Succeed in Writing an Essay on Gender Issues

An underlying rule that can bring you success with your task is to follow the requirements as precisely as possible. You need to carefully read the essay prompt, pay attention to the key areas you need to research, and decide what perspective of the topic you want to focus on. Overall, you need to adhere to essay writing requirements and ensure you have such paper sections:

  • Introduction. Provide a catchy beginning of your paper. Add sufficient background details so that your readers understand what you are writing about and then provide some catchy details or a controversial fact that could draw readers’ attention. One of the prerequisites of success is to be able to catch attention of the audience from the very opening paragraph.
  • The main body. This is where you communicate the main idea to the audience. Your main message should be properly developed and elaborated throughout the body paragraphs. Keep in mind that each paragraph should be devoted to a single idea. More so, you should not only provide your personal statements or opinions but also review sufficient scholarly sources and come up with strong arguments and supporting evidence. Some of the recommended topic to research are gender power, equality in different sectors of life, as well as recommendations how to deal with them.
  • Conclusion. This is a short summary of the presented ideas, where you reiterate the main arguments and pinpoint to the core findings. Do not include any new facts in the closing paragraph.
  • Bibliography or a reference page. Enlist sources in the alphabetical order. Depending on the formatting requirements, you may either reference only those sources you have cited or both cited and consulted ones.

Interesting Gender-Related Topics That Evoke Readers’ Interests

When asked how one understands the concept of gender roles, people might mention the way men’s and women’s duties and responsibilities are organized or how men and women are overall portrayed in the media and in the society. More so, it would be interesting to investigate the matter of “norms” in the society and how they add up to promote some negative behaviors.

Even though there are studies nowadays that prove that women get salaries equal to men’s, there is still a gap between men and women when it comes to career prospects and remuneration. So, some of the ideas for gender issue essay writing may be:

  • Write a composition about gender stereotypes, where you pinpoint to the generalizations in relation to men and women.
  • Write a piece of paper about discrimination based on gender, where you investigate underlying examples of stereotypes and prejudice.
  • Write an argumentative piece about traditional and modern opinions on gender dynamics within families, corporations, and other groups.

Examples of Topics

  • Ideal body image expectations among men and women: what are their prerequisites and how do they differ?
  • How does gender impact career aspirations in men’s and women’s lives?
  • How can gender studies play a positive role in reducing sexual violence and other types of emotional abuse against women?
  • Can surgical transformation of a man into a woman be considered as biologically complete?
  • Does friendship between men and women exist?
  • Does ethnic and historical background influence one’s ability to earn money?
  • Relations between the refugee situation around the world and its effect on women and their safety.
  • Stereotypes about female workers.
  • Agree or disagree: married women are dependent on their husbands financially and emotionally when it comes to their career success.

Tips for Successful Writing

Consider the following tips if you want to boost the quality of your writing:

  1. Get familiar with the variety of controversial topics associated with gender issues.
  2. Investigate peer-reviewed sources, review credible information, and jot down data you could use in your writing.
  3. Compose an outline, organize the main ideas, and start writing process.
  4. Review your paper upon completion: edit the content and proofread the paper for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.
  5. Ask somebody else to review your paper in order to take a fresh perspective on it.


When working on a gender essay, you are required to take a standpoint on the topic and formulate a strong argument. Then you have to elaborate on the topic, add sufficient evidence, examples, and illustrations. The overall tone of your writing should be argumentative or persuasive.

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