How To Pick The Right Freelance Writer

How To Pick The Right Freelance Writer

Here are some considerations that you should keep in mind when deciding on whom to hire as your new content writer. Never be afraid to choose between a couple different candidates, you can always test them out.

Research the Background

Surprisingly or not, freelance writers come with a great variety of educational and professional backgrounds, some of which may appear irrelevant to your project. When looking for someone to write about some of the promary effects of healthcare reform on practitioners, for example, a writer with a healthcare degree would be your preferred option. It will also be beneficial if he or she has significant practical experience in this field. However, if you need a short review on latest fashion trends, you probably don’t need Alexander Wang or Gisele Bundchen your side to come up with interesting content that will boost traffic. Therefore, when it comes to producing high quality content, there is a long list of factors that influence your decision. It is not limited to education only, but includes reliability, commitment, and overall talent are much more important.

Consider the Baggage

Just like in real life, when relationships that once made you happy end up with labels like “ex-wife” or “drinking problem” the same is true in the freelance world. Every person, be it a writer or a client, comes with his or her own set of experiences that shape the way they think and behave. While new writers might seem as the easiest to work with, experienced writers can help you with layout recommendations and SEO hacks. In such a way, there are benefits even in verbal battles with unreasonable customers and racing against deadlines.

Set the Criteria

It goes without saying that every customer wants the best writer to work on his or her project (the one with a good resume, solid work experience, and no revisions whatsoever), however, the nicest profile doesn’t necessarily belong to the most talented writer. Therefore, dig deeper, ask for few samples and focus on what’s beneath the book cover instead of what’s on the outside.

Evaluate the Opportunity

Think carefully whom to hire to work on your content. There can be plenty of writers who will agree to work for a low pay, but member that in return for your money, you’ll get low quality services. Unfortunately, many people think that writing web content is simple, and it doesn’t necessarily has to be superior. Still. if you prefer not to show it off to your friends or publish it in the company newsletter, you’re most likely setting the bar too low. While it costs more to work with experienced and qualified writer, in the end, you’ll feel a lot better to pay the price.

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