How to Read Effectively and Fast: 10 Easy Speed Reading Tips (+Speed Reading Exercises)

How to Read Effectively and Fast: 10 Easy Speed Reading Tips (+Speed Reading Exercises)

What Is Speed Reading? Do You Need a Speed Reading Habit?

There is hardly anybody in the present-day society who cannot read at all, but do all of us read fast enough? Shall we learn to speed read fast or are our skills sufficient?

First of all, let’s clarify when reading is needed. We read to know the latest news and get information on different issues. We want to learn new concepts, get new skills and develop the available ones, or merely get amused. No matter what the reason is, it is a must to learn to read faster and become more productive in reading.

So, boosting your English reading skills, you aim at spending less time on retaining information of the same amount. Otherwise, speed reading makes no sense.

Reading comprehension tips on how to read faster and more effectively

Reading Comprehension Tip #1: Scan for the titles and headings as well as introductory and closing sections

Better reading comprehension strategies always point out at the value of subject lines. Each new section of every reading is almost always underlines or highlighted somehow to draw your attention. Learn how to read faster by getting the gist of the paragraph without going into minute details you probably will not need. One of the speed reading techniques is reading the introduction and conclusion of large documents to see the summary of the content. Being pressed for time, you can just search for the titles, headers, introduction and concluding sections to get the needed general understanding.

Reading Comprehension Tip #2: Look through the first sentence of each section and sub-section

Learning how to learn reading quickly, you have to realize that the key information can be grasped from the first sentences of every paragraph. The author always tries to use the initial line or two lines to present the essence of the ideas. You will proceed to reading through those paragraphs which seem to be relevant to your needs. After you decipher the key points, it will be easy to go on.

Reading Comprehension Tip #3: Have a close look at the pictures

Studying the diagrams, figures and pictures is a valuable speed reading habit, which can be of great use not only for visual persons. Those elements contain loads of information. What is more, they do not require much time to be understood as you will actually read very little. Get to know how to increase reading speed and comprehension by taking a few seconds to look at the chart and guess the topic and the main idea of the author, hidden in the long explanations under the visual elements.

Reading Comprehension Tip #4: Do not make any sounds!

Learning how to increase speed reading, you will be surprised to know that you have always made a serious mistake while reading. You have always thought that you will boost your reading fluency if you move your throat and utter some of the words aloud. However, it is easier to get to know how to read faster if you do not open your mouth at all! Articulation of the words holds you back and your reading levels get lower instead of getting up. One of the funny hacks for speed reading is chewing a gum. It sounds incredible but keeping your muscles busy will show you how to gain more knowledge in less time.

Reading Comprehension Tip #5: Create your own reading environment

Boost speed reading skills get better developed if they are applied in a comfortable setting. When there are no disturbing sounds or distracting noises, your speed reading techniques work much more effectively. Travelling or being under stress and pressure, you cannot find your reading practice enjoyable. Instead, when you find yourself in a relaxing atmosphere, sitting in a cozy armchair with enough daylight, you will not only boost speed reading, but also have positive mood.

Reading Comprehension Tip #6: Take notes while reading

You have definitely learnt how to take notes from a textbook, but you can actually do that with any reading material. The reading comprehension tips always suggest recording the key aspects of all texts. This idea how to speed read can save you much time that you need for multiple re-reading of the same information. Annotating the text, you remember it better and know how to read more efficiently. You will not only make your conclusions easily, but also know how to gain more knowledge.

Reading Comprehension Tip #7: Focus on the structure of the text

Learning to read faster, come up with the analysis of how the text is structured. Your basic reading skills will be boosted if you comprehend the main points through a list of questions.

Why are some of the ideas stressed?

What is the key point?

Why are the ideas valuable for me?

Ask questions for better reading and search for answers in the text to use one of the reading comprehension strategies.

Reading Comprehension Tip #8: Avoid multitasking

It is possible to do several things at the same time; however, you will fail your reading test if you focus on some other tasks simultaneously, even if that is listening to your favorite music. All guidelines on how to increase speed reading emphasize the value of doing only one thing at a time. No phone calls, chatting, daydreaming, or watching TV; otherwise, you will be distracted and you won’t be able to learn how to read faster.

Reading Comprehension Tip #9: Track your speed and record the time

Using the guided reading strategies, try to record all your achievements. Studying the tips on how to read more effectively, find those you would like to try and track your progress. You can either read online or take a paper book; in any case, count the number of words you have read during a certain time or use any of the reading speed apps to do that. You will see how your improvements can make you motivated for further progress in how to read better.

Reading Comprehension Tip #10: Practice will make your reading skills perfect

Learning how to speed read cannot go smoothly without actual reading. You will never be excellent at how to enhance reading skills or how to become a fast reader, if you devote little time to daily practice. Take only twenty minutes regularly and choose the books to read to gain knowledge. Then, your ability to learn how to read faster will depend only on your efforts, willingness to succeed, and habit to try speed reading hacks in practice.

Speed Reading Tips to Apply

Reading Speed Apps /Software

Try different reading websites and reading programs to streamline the online reading and comprehension skills. There are various options for those interested in speed reading tips and useful apps: Spreeder, Accelerator, Spritz app, Rapid Serial Visual Presentation software and other tools will save you much time and teach you how to improve speed reading and benefit from the latest technologies.

Exercises for better reading: Boost Speed Reading Skills

– Use reading worksheets

– Act reading tips that you find most valuable

– Follow the text with an index finger

– Try to minimize the movement of your eyes

– Try to read skipping unimportant words

Reading fluency: Benefits and long-term effects through reading activities

It is a common fact that dinosaurs did not read books. And what is the consequence of that? They are extinct!

Try various reading activities and read through different tips on reading books faster to survive and be smarter than dinosaurs. You know how to read a textbook quickly and effectively, so you will learn what the best way to read a book is. Use our easy speed reading tips and be a pro at how to speed up reading.

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