Increase organic traffic by implementing SEO rewriting techniques

Increase organic traffic by implementing SEO rewriting techniques

Are you the discouraged website owner who thinks of the possible solutions to improve the appeal of the website? You might have noticed that your website does not work. Google does not show the name of your business on the top of the list, and it takes hundreds of pages until you finally find the link to your website. To make thing worse, the visitors flow decreases each day, and your business struggles to overcome the lack of the website traffic. Is there any way to remedy the situation and become successful? No doubts, there are levers to turn it all around, and you have several choices at hand. Let’s discuss your options and work out the most effective solution.

Option 1: Replace the old content with completely new one!

What may look the easiest solution at first glance, in fact, is the most foolish choice. You will ask: why? You risk being penalized by Google. Each webpage already has its own topic and reputation. Your mess crashes the new sophisticated algorithms and creates some unnecessary workload for the system. Thus, Google re-evaluates the websites constantly, and may use sanctions. Surely, this is not what you aim to achieve.

Option 2: Delete the website completely!

An alternative is to write seo friendly content in a new domain. What are the benefits? You will get rid of the unnecessary content and you will not be penalized. However, what about the associated risks? Your website is probably linked to other websites. When users click on the links, they will get the 404 error message. Therefore, you will loose the links you might already have. Besides, you do not know if your website is completely dead or if there is a chance to reanimate it. One thing is for sure: you may lose some fraction of clients and traffic by deleting the website.

Option 3: Rewrite website content!

The option to rewrite official website is probably the wisest solution. Why? Because you will save the repeat visitors, you will not invest in building the content from scratch, and you will reach the better position in the Google search much faster than with the new website. The only hazard you have if you decide to rewrite web page content is the quality of the old site. If it is a complete mess with hundreds of keywords without proper meaning (which is usually the case for the very old websites when SEO was associated with simple keywording), there is no point to rewrite content for SEO. You will invest more time and money to rewrite web content if it is the complete scam than to delete and create the new website.

How to write website content for seo?

seo optimized content

So, if you depart from the last option and decide to rewrite internet content, let’s look at the website rewriting rules.

Meta-tags matter!

First of all, you need to set the title and description for every page. They are one of the most powerful instruments you should pay attention to when rewriting content online for the SEO purposes. Title-tag is the words that are shown on a browser bat and in Google search. There are different plugins that could be used to update your title tags according to your needs. For instance, the retailer may change the title tags when the clearance or promotions are available, or the motto of the company may be used as a title. Both title and description should contain keywords and look appealing to attract visitors via organic search. You can set these meta-tags by yourself or address the professional seo content writing services.

Keywords should be efficient!

Further, you need to leverage on the keywords. If you think that you can use any relevant words to place as keywords at your website, you are mistaken. The words you think attract clients may be useless, therefore the effective keywords may be determined by specialized programs. For example, you can use the Google keyword planner or Ahrefs keyword tool to determine the words. It is important to use synonyms of the relevant keywords as the google’s algorithms already associate them with the page topic. Do not overdo it though because your content should sound and look natural.

Get rid of irrelevant content!

When seriously take the “rewrite my website” idea, you need to get rid of the low-quality and useless content. The search engines are working constantly by updating the internal ranking of websites in terms of the content relevance. If your website contains boring or irrelevant content, the robots will give you a low score, and the website will not rank among the top links of the search engines. Thus, you need to update your content so that the information is relevant, up-to-date, interesting and error-free. This will keep the readers’ attention and they will spend more time on the website, which will consequently diminish the bounce rate. This serves as a signal that the webpage answers the question readers want to find answer to, and, therefore, is relevant to the search query it was found by.

Format the website properly!

The next issue is format. Not only essays and school papers require proper formatting: the website also needs to be well presented. Even if you cannot change the content entirely, you can change the font and style and structure the information properly by adding some headings or numeration.

Build effective links!

Apart from incoming links, your website probably contains links to other sources and websites. In order to SEO-optimize your website, you need to check all of them. The broken links should be replaced. Besides, it is important to provide links only to high-quality and high-traffic websites. Do not be afraid to place outgoing links. Nowadays, if linked to relevant high-quality webpages, such links send only positive signal to search engines, which will also improve the attractiveness of your website. Again, do not overdo it, otherwise you risk passing significan amount of link juice.

We hope that our article helped you to understand what is content optimization in SEO terms, and you can grasp the main reasons why rewriting the existing website is almost always better than deleting or disregarding it. If you do not have the SEO-background and don’t know how to DIY, we recommend to address the professional rewrite content service that will help you to optimize your website and improve the outcomes for your business.

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