International Youth Day: History, Traditions, Quotes and Wishes

Created: August 10, 2018
International Youth Day: History, Traditions, Quotes and Wishes

Youth Day Background: Past and Present of the Holiday

The United Nations Organization has established a special day for those who make a difference in all societies of the world and inspire others with their energy and enthusiasm – International Youth Day. According to the UN, those who are at the age of 15 – 24 can be qualified as young although this interpretation can vary. Youth Day wishes have been sent annually on April 12th starting from the year of 2000. 12 August International Youth Day is a day when the quotes about youth are written in all the greetings and the Youth Day messages aim to engage as many young people from all over the globe as possible to the community activities. On this day, loads of Youth Day activity ideas are translated into practice, and that makes young people feel that all their deeds and thoughts are meaningful.

The International Youth Day history starts with the year of 1985 was the International Youth Year, and later on it became a priority to make the lives of young people better. Such areas as Poverty, Intergenerational Relations, Education, Environment, Drug Abuse, Employment, Participation, Health, HIV and AIDS, Girls and Young Women, Globalization, Leisure, Communication Technologies, and Youth Delinquency have been chosen as those that are of the greatest concern for the youth.

International Youth Day 2018 is aimed at raising the public awareness of the legal, social and cultural problems that young people encounter all around the world and promoting International Youth Day activities.

Youth Inspirational Quotes: Enjoy Being Young!

The Youth Day date gives grounds for recollecting wise thoughts of outstanding people who share their youth thoughts and reflect over the joy of being young. The youth life quotes astonish with their wit and insight into the issues of careless but fruitful years of life when one believes it is possible to take on the whole world. The slogans on youth power and the youth attitude quotes are a wake-up call for those who forget what potential capacity a young person can have.

Good habits formed at youth make all the difference (Aristotle)

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age (Sophia Loren)

Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief (Nicholas Sparks)

Yes, of course we were pretentious — what else is youth for? (Julian Barnes)

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old (Franz Kafka)

It takes a very long time to become young (Pablo Picasso)

The sayings about youth and youth quotes remind us about the greatest power the upcoming generation might have if equipped properly. Astonishing Youth Day slogans and youth inspirational quotes can get you out of the blue and you will conceive the idea of great value that every age has.

Striking quotes about youth empowerment will make you wonder why there are so few young people among those who build the society and encourage you to introduce some changes in the existing conditions. A youth is fleeting quote will remind you about the fragility of what we have and the need to be quick in implementing plans, making decisions, and impacting the lives of others.

Motivational Words for Youth: Youth Day Wishes

Youth Day 2018 as well as happy Youth Day each year calls for sending wishes to those who are young by age and those who feel young being in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and even later. The beauty of youth quotes reveals itself in the messages sent on this great day. The quotes about young people along with Youth Day slogans are accompanied with personal greetings and individual happy Youth Day messages sent by friends, acquaintances, relatives, and colleagues.

Your power is in your dreams and daring ambitions. You are currently enjoying the period of greatest creative flow and the strongest confidence in your might. Increase this power, adding love and tenderness to it, care about people. Happy Youth Day!

All motivational words for youth today appeal to you. Feel responsible for yourself and the whole planet. Unleash yourself! Release your power on this day and always. You are the product of your past, but you are entitled to make yourself whatever you want to be. Happy National Youth Day!

All happy Youth Day quotes are insufficient to demonstrate your might and capacity to change the world for the better. Become a hero! Let all the fears behind you. Life brings its fruit to those who dare and dream big. Happy Youth Day!

I am sending all the National Youth Day wishes to you today. If you think you are strong and mighty, you are. If you decide that you will fail, you definitely will. It is up to you what to do and how to present yourself to the world. I do believe that you have enough courage and will to win any summit. Happy Youth Day!

Feel how appealing the Youth Day themes are for you. You are smart, energetic, enthusiastic, determined, fearless, and ambitious. You can cope with the greatest challenges. You can do wonders if you are in charge of your life. Make the impossible easy. Be strong. Happy Youth Day!

International Youth Day Messages and Quotes

Youth Day Celebration Ideas: Make the Most of It

Learn about the Youth Day background, collect as much information about international youth day as possible, find the best motivational quotes for youth, and celebrate the passion, energy, potential, and creativity of the young age on 12 August International Youth Day.

Have a look at the National Youth Day images and think about several meaningful things you can do to get involved in the community life and make a difference.

Get off the sidelines. Show that you are serious about your support to young people. Check if your community church, school, organization, or youth club has any Youth Day activity ideas on this day. If they don’t, initiate your own fun events or activities with the help of your family and friends. Place a quote about youth being the future to see it all the time and remember that each of your actions matters. You will see that your Youth Day celebration ideas will be accepted by other enthusiastic people, and your team will be the pioneers in your area to be followed by others.

It is a good idea to have the quotes on youths and National Youth Day wishes around to motivate the others. Find out the volunteer projects abroad to support youth and either take part in them yourself or disseminate this information together with youth quotations in the community. Seek for international youth travel projects and join them to see the world and make your outlook wider.

Even the best quotes about youth cannot reveal the volume of positive change and vibe you can bring as a young personality. Become a part of the global youth movement and gain knowledge and experience to get the voice to be heard. Let your favorite quotation on youth be your guidance in your search for the truth, justice, and fair treatment to people of all ages.

Youth Day Celebration Ideas: Make the Most of It

Youth Day Events: What Is Happening in the World in 2018?

Let the National Youth Day 2018 theme become your favorite at least for a day. The International Youth Day 2018 events will take place everywhere around the globe. Become a part of the worldwide celebrations by joining the Youth Day events 2018 or creating your own. Educational radio shows, festivals, public debates, youth forums, exhibitions, concerts, and public meetings are only a few of activities aimed at popularization of non-violence culture and encouraging young people to contribute to the global development. Come and take part in the festival of arts these days to show your passion in dance, music, photography, movies, and fashion. Make Youth Day 2018 special for you!

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