Interview questions and answers for content writers

Interview questions and answers for content writers

Have you ever wondered what the most significant factors in promoting personal or business website are? Why some websites are popular and visited while others fall behind? How can you make sure that the content of your website is SEO-efficient and attractive to visitors? In fact, the popularity of the website depends on several issues including the quality of the content, the paid advertisement, the number and popularity of the linked websites, the updates of the content (or the absence of the updates), formatting, and many additional small features. Out of this long list, the content of the website is probably the most influential determinant of the website popularity.

Where do website owners get content for their projects?

There are several ways to obtain the content for the website. First of all, you may compose it yourself. If you are the beginner and do not plan to invest a lot in your start-up, you surely can write yourself. There are plenty of guides and DIY on the Internet which allows practicing and mastering the art of website content writing. However, if you do not have inspiration, time or relevant skills to write the content, there is always the alternative option of hiring the professional content writer. This option can eliminate many problems with content writing provided that you chose the talented and professional writer. So, how to find the writer you need, and what questions should be set for the interview? If you do not have any experience in hiring and interviewing content writers, our list of suggested interview questions for content writers will be helpful to you. Moreover, our list contains both interview questions and answers for content writers so that you could expect what answers should be given by the professional content writer.

The list of web content writer interview questions and suggestions:

  1. Could you please provide any of your working samples to get familiar with your style and level? Content writing is an industry where the experience is precious. So, the good writer surely will have many completed projects which you may request to analyze the professionalism and potential of the writer.
  2. What is the area you are proficient in working at? Usually, writers can deliver good projects in many areas. However, every person has a specific background. This background determines the area in which the writer performs the best.
  3. How do you make your content SEO-optimized? The writer should list the techniques he/she uses to make the content SEO-friendly. For example, the writer may use key-words that are determined by the Google-plugin, provide the engaging headings and proper formatting, suggest the appropriate page length, use links to popular websites, write 100% authentic content, etc.
  4. Do you research a target audience, and how do you do this? Before starting the initial writing process, the content writer should first investigate the target audience in pursuit to determine the age, preferences, professional background and other applicable features.
  5. What is your approach in handling boring topics? The writer should be proficient in dealing with both engaging and boring topics. Moreover, the true professional will turn the boring topic into the fascinating reading by providing hooks, interesting examples, and engaging details.
  6. Tell me please about your favorite blog? The writer should answer straightaway without the long considerations. The writer should keep up with the news, trends and be interested in some topics. The favorite blog may tell you about the writer’s background and interests.interview questions for content writers
  7. Tell me about the last book you have read. The writers should love to read. It is a requirement. And the books should be on the list.
  8. Could you explain the difference between content and copy? The writer should know that content is a value-oriented measurement, while the copy is a sales-oriented technique. So, the writer for the personal blog should create value. The retail website requires sales-oriented approach.
  9. What operating programs do you use? The writer should be computer-literate, and he/she should know the basic operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.) and programs (MS Office, OpenOffice, etc.).
  10. What is your definition of the credible source? The writer should know the difference between scholarly websites (sources) and entertainment.
  11. What ideas do you have for our blog? Could you share your insights and feedback? The writer that is interested in a job will research the blog before the interview, and will surely have some improvement ideas.
  12. Are you a committed person with the strong work ethics? The writer you want to hire is a dependable and reliable person who follows the deadlines, understands the instructions and communicates any issues clearly and honestly.
  13. Do you have any experience with analytics and metrics? The good content writer should have critical thinking and know how to perform the simplest statistical analysis.
  14. Do you use or know any social media tools when producing the content? Modern technology and development put the social media right ahead. Social media is a powerful instrument in promoting websites and blogs. Thus, the writer should know how to maximize the social media benefit effects.
  15. Do you have any negative trait that may affect our work relationships? The negative answer will at least put you on the alert. Every person has negative traits, but not everyone is ready to speak about them honestly.

We hope that our interview questions and answers for content writers will help you in choosing the best reliable writer for cooperation. Freelance websites contain hundreds writers’ profiles. However, only several of them have vast experience, excellent skills, and superior commitment. Thus, with our 15 interview questions for content writers you have a possibility to choose the most appropriate content writer for your blog. Be critical, use tricky questions, read the sample attentively, and decide upon the best candidature for your success. And, surely, the results will pay off as the experienced writer may turn the boring blog into the fascinating website, increase the number of visitors and help skyrocket your site’s popularity!

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