Student Life: Anticipating the Challenges

Student Life: Anticipating the Challenges

For those who are getting ready to become students, it has become a real quest to know what student life has in store. All young people hope to successfully earn a degree and then get a good job. But the process for obtaining the degree or qualification takes some time. And very often soon-to-become-students don’t really know what to expect at this stage of their lives. Most likely, everything they know about student life is from what their friends and relatives had to tell. But their experience can be totally different from what you will be going through. This article is meant to shed some light on the common problems and challenges awaiting those who are soon to become college students. It is always better to have right expectations about things – awareness can help meet these challenges well-prepared.

Top Problems Students Face

Finances. One of the most common problems of a student. Because one usually doesn’t have any savings on the account, he/she cannot pay for tuition and other educational expenses. Financial problems in student life assume the lack of resources to cover all educational expenses and support one’s family at the same time. Utilizing student loans means that you still have to pay the debt one day.

Commitments. Student health problems are often caused by efforts to balance everything: work, school, family, parties and other entertainment. This can be too overwhelming, especially if one has to hold down a job and be involved in extracurricular activities too. These are so called adult problems of student life you simply cannot run away from.

Homesickness. Maybe it doesn’t sound like one of serious college student problems but it can be more serious that most people think. When you are going to live 5 hours away from your home, you may have this problem, especially if this is your first year in college.

Depression. Student life problems are somewhat similar to adult challenges only on a smaller scale. However, if you look for example on the problems of a college student through the eyes of the one studying, it wouldn’t appear as a smaller scale at all. There are too many factors that can raise a stress level and contribute to emotional drains which result in a depression.

Health: An increased level of stress along with common lack of sleep can cause serious health problems. Add to that student accommodation problems that are often resolved by choosing a cheaper apartment (which often means not clean enough) and you significantly increase health risks.

Social Problems. When you talk about student problems in university or student problems in college, you cannot miss social relations. Building new contacts, making friends and spending time with classmates can become a distraction. Also, there is always a potential for conflicts which sometimes become the reason why people change educational establishments.

Parties. Parties have a special place among university student problems as well as graduate student problems. There is nothing wrong with partying in itself. However, very often such kind of “blow off steam” parties lead to drugs, alcohol and risky behavior.

Choosing a Major. This one may not be popular among the student problems in high school but it is most definitely popular among common student problems for those pursuing a degree course. There are cases when the pressure faced by college students when choosing a major is so high that it leads to depression.

Final Remarks

The aforementioned challenges faced by students are not critical if you know how to deal with those problems. At least knowing what to expect can help you be prepared when the time of these challenges comes. And finally, remember that you are not alone in this. No matter how serious the problems are, you should not leave it all to yourself. It is always better to talk to your family if you face any problems.

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