The Art Of Keyword Selection

Created: Sep 22, 2014
The Art Of Keyword Selection

Its a proven fact now that key words actually matter. What you need to do is splatter your online content with relevant keywords and phrases, and even more importantly, do so in a natural manner.
How Natural Are Your Keywords?

Let’s say you’re an agent selling insurance services. If you dot your online content with the keyword phrase like “insurance agent Brooklyn,” it will not sound very natural, so what you need to do is to make your keywords sound more organic. Google thinks of this characteristic very highly, therefore, you should remove the unnatural phrase, and replace it with “professional insurance services in Brooklyn.” This works much better!

Are You Using Niche Keyword Phrases?

There's a lot of temptation to use the keyword phrase “insurance agent in Brooklyn” because it does sound natural, at least to some degree; at the same time, keywords like this are likely to have more competition than “professional insurance services in Brooklyn,” thus giving you a competitive advantage. In fact, each time you integrate relevant keywords into your online content, try using niche phrases. Such an approach works well even in headlines.

Are Exact Keywords Any Good?

The fact that niche phrases usually work best does not imply that keywords are not important, still, it's better to use them within phrases that people actually search for on web. Try not to focus so much on ranking in the top position for exact keywords. The reason is, no matter how relevant these keywords are to your website, when someone types them into a Google search bar, these are the past online history and settings that actually determine how the search results appear. Therefore, even if you can get the top position on SERPs for one person, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the person sitting next to him/her will receive the same results on his/her device.

What's The Value of Unbranded Content?

It would be awesome if all people in the world knew the name of your company and what kind of services you sell, but chances are high that they don’t. For this reason, you should to keep a lot of the online content unbranded, so instead of writing “Come on down today and buy Electronics World’s new Dell computer,” you'd better say “Come on down today and check out the many Dell computer products in Brooklyn.” With the help of such wording, you open up your ability to reach more people who may be searching for Dell computers in the Brooklyn area, rather than only a small part of this audience who knows your brand name.

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