What does it take to be a writer?

What does it take to be a writer?

Among those who wish to become writers, most believe this is an exciting career choice (which is true). Writing has always been a prestigious choice, although very few people are aware of the fact that being a writer is also a challenging experience. There are numerous options for professional writers where they can utilize their talent and expertise today. But before people are to decide where they want to work and what style of writing to choose, there should be a clear understanding of how to become a good writer. There are so many questions to be asked prior to making a career decision: “I want to become a writer but can I do it?”, “What does it take to become a writer?”, “What degree do I need to become a writer?”, etc. In this article, we would like to provide some guidance on what it takes to be a successful writer.

Three Prerequisites for Becoming a Writer

Passion. It is a well-known fact that becoming a writer takes passion. One needs more than just a talent because a talent is somewhat different from a passion when it comes to writing. In fact, Ray Bradbury once said that he never had natural writing talent but what had was a passion for writing. So the desire to write should come first because if you have no passion for writing than everything else is not so important. This is the very first test to pass, the first question you should ask yourself. Once again, it doesn’t matter what makes a good writer if you don’t have that passion in yourself.

Hard work. Passion alone won’t be enough to become a writer. It is the same as, for example, when you are hungry and you really want to have something to eat. But the desire alone isn’t enough to make you full. If you want to make that work, you need to actually do something (go to the grocery store and cook something or go to a restaurant and buy something to eat there). The same principles apply to writing. What a writer needs is not only a passion but hard work as well. More than that, some writers confess that there were times when they were more of a text machine rather than artists driven by inspiration and passion. Some are even asking today “What is a writer?”, thus viewing it as a hard (often repeated) work similar to something mechanical in this kind of career.

Study. For some reason, people underestimate the importance of education when attempting to become a writer. While we can claim with confidence that it is theoretically possible to become one without having formal education, it is much easier to succeed when you acquire specific knowledge and skills. Studying is the process of obtaining the tools and knowledge you can use when you get to writing. Now you have to understand that the writing process is quite complex and you have to understand it very well before you start your career. You can do it by undergoing a formal academic training or develop the required skills through self-educational opportunities.

Can Anyone Become a Writer?

One of the most common reasons to become a writer is, of course, money. When you ask people “Why be a writer?” you will likely hear in response that it is a good opportunity to earn good money. It is true as both freelance writers and those undertaking to write books can earn their living with writing. A freelance writer is a person who works on a self-employed basis for different magazines and publication or online services. However, in the pursuit of prestige and money involved in the writing career the question should be asked whether anyone can become a writer or is it the career path just for those having natural talent?

There is one popular quote by Kevin Dyrant, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. This is the answer to the question whether those who don’t have a writing talent can try to become a writer one day. We believe that three prerequisites mentioned above are enough for becoming a successful writer. In other words if you want to know how to become a successful writer you need to know what is a writing passion, hard work, and study in the context of this career. The truth of the matter is that these three points can be utilized by everybody. Anyone with the right attitude, the ability to work hard and learn something new can surely become a writer. It is true that for some people it can be more difficult than the others but what matters is that anyone can do it having the right attitude toward this endeavor.

Is it difficult to become a successful writer? Yes and no at the same time. You don’t have to rely on pure inspiration of yours and expect to be a world-known author one day. This is not how it works. Some days it will seem like you are in hell as you won’t know what you should do next in order to find the right words and ideas. But the great thing about it is that if you have a true passion for writing, it will not be that hard. If you have the desire, you will overcome all of the obstacles since you have a goal to accomplish and you enjoy not only the end point but the entire process as well.

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