Why Are Headings Important For SEO?

Created: Jan 26, 2015
Why Are Headings Important For SEO?

You don't need to be a professional web developer to implement some of the basic programming elements. Take headings that you use all over throughout your articles. With a proper heading you can improve your SEO. Such tools as headings are generally used in areas like web programming to provide the structure that both human visitors and search engines use in order to find out what’s important on a particular webpage. When dealing with SEO, you should remember about the human factor because Google and other search engines are built in such a way that they emulate people's behavior when they scan sites.

What Do Headings Do?

You've probably noticed some formatting fields in editors when writing content for websites. They usually include descriptions like “heading 1,” “h2,” or “<h3>.” If you select one of these formats of paragraphs, you will notice that the text can get bigger. It can get smaller as well, it all depends on the value of the heading you choose. This resizing is a cue that is designed to help readers visually identify the important online content on your page. Though, more importantly, the headings are used to designate grouped content. They work well like titles of chapters, as well as section and subsection headings in book text. Actually, HTML allows for six levels of headings on a single web page. It looks like this in the code: <h1><h2><h3><h4><h5><h6>. The thing is that lower numbered tags designate text that is considered to be more important content.

Using Heading Tags

In some editors, you can also apply heading status to your text. This is done by first highlighting the text and then choosing a heading option form the format menu. In reality, most articles don't go past one or two heading levels. Therefore, you should apply the highest level heading you have to your article sections, while your second level heading should be applied to your subsections.

Do not use heading tags on blow-up quotes or sentences. It’s better to use them sparingly and only when it makes sense for best SEO results. This is because when heading tags are used for style purposes only, it actually counts against SEO.

Where Should You Start

Heading tags are rather flexible and sort by being less than or greater than values, not just being in strict numerical order. For instance, there are cases when a page only uses “h2” and skips “h1,” then “h2” compensates the top level value. To continue, viewers and search engines will not notice if “h3” will be skipped either, so you can start with “h2” and skip down to “h4,” and it will be perfectly acceptable.

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