7 Tips to Write an Email that is Difficult to be Ignored

7 Tips to Write an Email that is Difficult to be Ignored

Many people tend to think that they are good at writing emails as they send and receive them every day. However, do people respond your emails in the way you expect them to? Or do they simply ignore your messages? Indeed, besides good writing skills you need to mind some aspects that aid significantly in creating emails that capture the attention and make a person perceive your information in the right way.

  1. Informative subject line. Subject line is obviously one of the key points when writing an email. It needs to be brief (5-7 words) though express a glue to your content. Moreover, provided that the subject line is catchy, your email is more likely to be read. It is better to omit phrases like “urgent, please read”, “very important message”, “emergency” and so on. This way, you may never be sure that something that is urgent or important to you means that anybody considers it the same. Thus, nobody is going to open your email with such subject line. Instead of claiming that your content is so urgent and important, it’s better to write an informative subject line e.g. “Tomorrow meeting is canceled”, “How to make your sales more beneficial” etc.
  2. Salutation. Begin your email with a salutation phrase where you address the person by his/her name or/and last name “Dear Mr. Smith”, “Dear Laura Brown”. In some cases you may not know the name of a recipient. Thus you may use a generic salutation “To whom it may concern”, “Dear Sir or Madam” etc. At the end of a generic greeting, add a colon.
  3. Brief and to the point content. There are people who do not really like to read, especially when it comes to long texts. So when they receive a letter with a dense content, they are more likely to ignore it and never come back to your email again. Stay focused and concise. It might be really useful to write an introduction highlighting the key points you are going to present.Effective email writing
  4. Formal and polite tone. Mind that emails, like traditional business letters, require a polite and formal tone. Contractions like pls, msg, rply, slang, and jargon are not appropriate for business writing. The way you create your email clearly reflects your professionalism, writing skills, attention to detail, and ability to express your thoughts. Thus, a certain level of formality is required. Close your email with polite “All the best”, “Kind regards”, “Respectfully yours”, “Thank you for your consideration” depending on the situation.
  5. Highlight and capitalize. Unless your email consists of a few sentences, the content is a lot easier to digest when divided into well-organized units. Highlight the key points by making text bold or italic, number the paragraphs, and mind capitalization. Though capitalizing adds emphasis, do not overdo trying to make everything important. Remember, you don’t want to bombard anyone with a handful of information.
  6. Avoid bulky attachments. In case you want to add a file to your email, check its size. Because of large files attached, your email may be simply trapped into spam. Thus, nobody will even notice you’ve sent an email. However, if you do need to provide with a bulky file, simply insert a link along with a sentence or two describing your attachment.
  7. Proofread. Even though you believe you are a professional writer, never deny proofreading. Fortunately, there is an automatic spell check which may correct the typos. However, before submitting your email, you need to proofread it paying attention to detail and analyzing whether your statements are clear, correct, and easy to understand.

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