Critical thinking essay: 5 movies Leonardo DiCaprio could have won an Oscar for

Critical thinking essay: 5 movies Leonardo DiCaprio could have won an Oscar for

Critical essay writing is not a standardized type of writing you used to learn as a part of academic writing. Critical writing calls for something bigger than just reporting. It is the most sophisticated form of wiring that requires critical thinking. Critical thinking in essay writing requires that a writer is curious, inquisitive, questioning and open-minded. When you start working on a critical thinking essay, you do not set the thesis. Instead, you raise the question, and the answer to this question may not be obvious to you. In the process of critical thinking and writing you may change your opinion, or question the existing theories. Your task is not to state the correct answer. Your task is to examine various approaches, evaluate them and question. Critical thinking essays usually have a different structure than a common academic essay. First of all, it starts with the question, rather than the thesis statement. Critical thinking essay reminds the discussion with the opponent, where every party tries to convince using argumentation, facts, examples, and logical conclusions. It is the work of a mind captured in the essay format. Therefore, it is not enough to simply present the results of your analysis. You have to show your work in your paper (it would be the body part consisting of at least three paragraphs). The conclusion of your critical essay writing should present the significance of your findings and your opinion on the topic. You have to move from specific (several ideas or facts) to general (the overall view on the topic, the answer to the main question).

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5 Movies Leonardo DiCaprio Could Have Won an Oscar for

Leonardo DiCaprio is indeed one of the most fascinating personalities in Hollywood. It may be the coincidence, but the films where he is screened usually beat the expectation in a budget. He is one of a kind, an actor that attracts the emotions and eyes of millions of spectators, and always hits the marks. Nevertheless, while Leonardo DiCaprio so successfully reaches the hearts of those millions, it was not that easy for him to reach the top of film awards. Do you know how many times was Leonardo DiCaprio nominated for an Oscar and what movies has Leonardo DiCaprio been nominated for an Oscar? It is interesting to find out why hasn’t Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for five times and finally achieved this award in 2016. What prevented him from acquiring this prestigious award and how has Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar this year?

what's eating gilbert grape

Leonardo DiCaprio was first nominated for the Academy Awards, USA in 1994 as the Best Actor in a Supporting Role in the film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” (1993). DiCaprio played the role of the mentally ill teenager Arnie. He was in his twentieth when he earned that nomination. DiCaprio lost to a mature actor Tommy Lee Jones for The Fugitive. Leo later admitted that he had a fear standing in front of the audience and did not know what to say. In fact, the loss was a relief for the inexperienced actor at that point. He was too young to receive the Oscar, immature and inexperienced. However, he was perfect in his role.

the aviator

The second of the Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar nominations was the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in the film The Aviator (2004). The main character, Howard Hughes, was an aviator-billionaire with the obsessive compulsive disorder. DiCaprio was obsessed with the role, he dived into the details of the OCD, and, unfortunately, developed the OCD in himself. No one could play this role better than DiCaprio. However, he still lost to Jamie Foxx in Ray. Foxx was the perfect actor in the perfect film. Leo just was not fortunate to be nominated at the same year that Foxx, and he lost.

blood diamond

Two years later, in 2007, DiCaprio was nominated for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in Blood Diamond (2006). He lost again. That time the winning competitor was Forrest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland. The comparison of two films suggests that The Last King of Scotland was more successful than the Blood Diamond. The Last King of Scotland’s gross was the eight times a budget of the film (Blood Diamond earned 171% of a budget). Most critiques also gave better average reviews to The Last King of Scotland. DiCaprio was excellent. Nevertheless, the success was not on his side. He lost to better performance.

woolf from wall street

In 2014, The Wolf of Wall Street was absolute hope. Probably, everyone expected DiCaprio to win. The actor admitted that it was a role of his life, it was his passion. How could he not win an Oscar for such a brilliant piece of work? It is difficult to explain the mixed feelings, but Leo lost again. This time, he lost to brilliant Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club. The only reason that comes to the mind in a question of “Why DiCaprio did not succeed with Academy Awards?” is fate. Every year he is nominated for an Oscar, the competition is unreasonably tough. He just has not been lucky so far to win the precious award. Or, maybe, the award waits till DiCaprio matures and opens his full talent through the way to an award. So, when has this route ended? Does Leonardo Dicaprio have an Oscar now and what did Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for? The end was is in 2016 with the Revenant!

the revenant

In 2016, The Revenant brought that desired award to Leo. Now, fully opened for the spectators in more than 30 films, DiCaprio was ready to get the Oscar. He is on the top of the professional mastery, and it is a time for an Academy Award. Now, being in his forties, DiCaprio is a well-known book for us. He was too young, or he was not lucky to get the award earlier. And should DiCaprio won an Oscar in 1994, we probably would not be the witnesses of such a great achievements of this actor he accomplished on a way to an Academy Award. We wouldn’t have the Great Gatsby, the Wolf from Wall Street and Jack in Titanic! It is an excuse for so many years of waiting, isn’t it?

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