Drug Use: A Threat to Human Body

Created: Aug 23, 2017
Drug Use: A Threat to Human Body

Currently, drug exploitation is a crucial problem-affecting people on a global scale. In several countries, the state is merely disastrous, because many people die from misuse of drug and psychotropic constituents’ occasionally. As a result, this leads to drug addiction among many people exploiting such drugs. Drug addiction is majorly an outcome of poor societal settings: future uncertainty, unemployment, occasional stress, and severe neuropsychiatric conditions. Entirely, these social conditions unquestionably provide a reason as to why the victimized individuals run away from reality and end up in a world full of illusions with the aid of drug intoxication. Numerous drug varieties exhibit very severe and complicated harmful effects on the body of the person using that particular drug. However, certain types of these drugs do indeed demonstrate effects that are also positive to the body of the user. Drugs usually stimulate the brain in particular situations more than they do in others.

Starting with Marijuana, it makes one act slower or become more relaxed, eat large food quantities, leads to slow thinking, it slows down the rate of metabolism hence making one fat ultimately, and lastly, it destroys the short term memory of a person. If it follows that you have been a marijuana user for an extended period, you will be subject to bouts of nervousness’ attacks for a minimum period of six months to some years after quitting. Many types of drug exist which have effects on human brain and similarly the rest of the body parts.

In addition, it is noteworthy to point out that alcohol is not that harmless than drugs. Alcohol causes memory lapses and impairs judgment. Ultimately, it can result in blackouts. It usually interferes with vision, distorts coordination by shortening it, and as well it can affect the brain and impair every other body organs.

Besides, cocaine, both as a crack and in its powder form, is a very addictive stimulant. An addict of this drug typically finds no or loses interest in various life areas, including family, school, friends, and sports. Cocaine use can result in anxiety and paranoia feelings. Though repeatedly used to heighten sex drive, the physical effect of cocaine on the brain receptors decreases the knack to derive pleasure that eventually leads to dependency on the drug by an individual.

Prolonged use of Ecstasy leads to difficulty in distinguishing between fantasy and reality and result in problems of concentrating. Several studies have discovered that ecstasy does away with particular brain cells. Even though the cells may well reunite after withdrawing from drug use, they do not reunite in a normal way. Similar to most drugs, ecstasy damages memory and can as well lead to confusion, anxiety, and paranoia. It can as well result in psychological problems, including sleep problems, paranoia, confusion, drug craving, depression, and severe anxiety- during and after some weeks of taking MDMA.

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