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Old School Is Cool: Why You Should Use Some Marketing Tips From 1960s

Created: February 09th, 2015 (14:01)
Old School Is Cool: Why You Should Use Some Marketing Tips From 1960s

1. Targeting the Youth Demographic

Prior to the 1960s, advertisers used to target the adult audience more while ignoring children and teens. However, even though teens and children did not have the most money, they owned much of the discretionary money. Today, on the contrary, marketers focus on the youth by posting on social media platforms that appeal to them, such as  Instagram and Tumblr. The thing is that by creating such a brand association, they attempt to acquire lifelong consumers. Today, teens may not have real interest in, say, copywriting, but someday in future they may require it.

2. Brand Personality Development

Actually, a culture of individuality has its roots in the 1960s. Moreover, it affected not only people, but also businesses. In the 1960s, brands started developing their own personalities. In result, audiences could relate to the corporations better. Moreover, they could define themselves based on the brandnames they liked. Nowadays, marketing specialists are achieving considerable results in brand identity and personality through carefully prepared content marketing campaigns.

3. Controversy as a Way to Get Attention

In 1960s, the relaxing moral standards finally allowed advertisers to use new techniques and push the boundaries. Marketers adopted the philosophy that there is no such thing as bad advertising, because the main point is to get people thinking/talking about their product/service even in a negative light. In modern advertising, the most important thing is to create content that has a potential to go viral. Everybody wants their advertising to be an important part of a discussion, even though it's not their product that is being discussed.

4. Advertising while not Advertising

The anti-establishment counterculture is one of those wonders of the 1960s that has never really faded. Up till our time, advertisers all over the world try to find ways to advertise while not advertising. They have turned to content marketing as apposed to more direct marketing techniques. The thing is that today’s marketing wants to solve consumers' problems instead of simply advertising to them.

5. Advertising that is Highly Targeted

The reason why demographic targeting became so popular in the US during the 1960s is related to the development of a formal U.S. Census. Before that, advertisers relied on focus groups and localized polling, which were often tilted towards certain demographic. That was until we realized that the more targeted our advertising is, the more effect it has.

While society and technology keep changing, but let's be honest, people themselves generally don’t. Though, there are many advertising tips from the 1960s that we still can use today. Try using those to boost your content marketing campaign and tell us about your results.

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